Dolce & Gabbana: A Case for Two (continued)

 Italian prosecutors still haunt finances famous designers that bypass the state treasury. If before it ended with a fine, now insists on the harsh consequence and trendy verdict: two and a half years of real imprisonment.  

In March this year Milan court ordered to pay a fine of designers 343 million euros for tax evasion. Now the prosecutor's office requires designers to sentence to two and a half years in prison. Those still deny everything, despite the existence of the facts provided by the shell company "Gado" through which D & G derive their income.

Obviously, the reason for everything - tax rates in Italy, they are recognized as one of the highest in the world.

Will show business without consulting the leading designers in the two and a half years, or find those beautiful way out of the conflict, will be announced in the near future. But more interesting is another: whether they will sit together? As they relate to the same clothes? And in general - who are now sews robes Italian prisoners?