One head - well, while two Madonna - better

 Meet on clothes, escorted to the mind. A few days ago singer Madonna passed the exam (no exam), who defined it in the category of one of the smartest people on the planet. Now you can not argue that its intelligence is something wrong.

Responses to some questions IQ-test, Madonna showed a surprisingly good result - 140 points - and thus got into one of the wisest organizations Mensa Internatinal, which includes people with the highest intellectual figure. In it, by the way, speaking part and another famous blonde Shakira with exactly the same rate as the Madonna. Yet the 13-year-old actor Nolan Gould managed to beat both of them. His IQ is 150 points.

The smartest celebrities also were once recognized by Quentin Tarantino and Dolph Lundgren (both 160 balls). Champions among celebrities turned out to James Woods with 180 points. In his time in the organization Mensa Internatinal included Geena Davis and Julie Peterson, a former model Playboy.