Game of Thrones: who still bore Kate

 Almost 4 kilograms - so much weighs the most anticipated audience kid. Traditionally, the sex of the baby was hiding before his appearance. About a week at the walls of St Mary's Hospital on duty hundreds of people to become a part of this historic moment.
Kate and William's first-born boy turned out to be - this in a moment when it arrives learned the entire Internet, but Buckingham Palace news delivered decorum: a messenger to the iron horse. British newspaper "The Sun" in honor of this event was renamed for the day in "The Son". The royal family congratulate all the world's media: Live pouring champagne and toasting. Bookmakers also in shock: rate to the heir to the throne collect tens of thousands of pounds. Favourites: George, Charles, Philip and James. A former footballer Beckham urges the pair called the son of David.
Kate with the baby are doing well, and maybe today they will be discharged from the hospital. Prince William, who was present at birth, is now serving in the Royal Air Force (his brother Harry at the same time participated in combat operations in Afghanistan). But it is likely that this summer he would retire to spend more time with his family.