Benedict Cumberbatch on the monkey showed how Sherlock survived

 This weekend festival ended with Comic-Con in San Diego, where the most popular actors and directors presented their new works. Among others appeared and Sherlock Holmes, that is, Benedict Cumberbatch, told how he escaped in the last episode of the series.

31 awards and 46 nominations is available at the moment, the British series "Sherlock", which seems to make it more popular television project of the new "The Hobbit" or "fifth power" where Cumberbatch played Julian Assange. This is evident from the fact that really interested journalists who interviewed Benedict at Comic-Con. Initially protested against spoilers "Holmes" eventually doomed sighs and points to a toy monkey, what was his hero survived after jumping from high-rise buildings in the last episode of the second season.

In addition to this information, the creators of "Sherlock" reported that the new season, fans of the series expect the wedding of John Watson, the appearance of the last shot in this series Moriarty and Holmes' lack of love affairs with anyone.