Precious Dust: holiday Givenchy cosmetics

 The fashion house Givenchy after Chanel introduced its Christmas collection makeup Ondulations Precieuses, and it's worth noting, it will be very tempting. The theme of the holiday collection were selected stars and gold dust that make a new series of luxury, elegant and very Christmas.  
The palette of the collection - a shimmering and shiny, like the packaging of products decorated zoltistymi star ornaments.
Precious Dust: holiday Givenchy cosmetics
For the eyes
A series of eye turned out really stellar - literally and figuratively.
Shadows Ondulations D'Or embossed in the form of stars includes black and gold shades in a mosaic. When mixing is saturated shimmering bronze shade.
The second product for the eyes in this series - is already known tightening up mascara Phenomen'Eyes Mascara, but in a limited golden-bronze shade. In addition to it will be submitted to a top coating Lash Sparkles Glitter, transparent gel with gold glitter, which creates the effect of a golden veil on the eyelashes.
Precious Dust: holiday Givenchy cosmetics
The collection includes two lip limited shade of lipstick classic Le Rouge - dark pink and red and pink.
Christmas varnishes Le Vernis will be released in a limited red-pink and golden-bronze shade.
The collection will be available in October 2013.