More than strange: Short Rodarte with Elijah Wood

 In the world of fashion shoot for no reason at all artistic short film has become de rigueur for brands. Join the high society fashion filmmakers hurry and sisters Mallivi.

Directed by Todd Cole, not the first time working with fashion brands, took a mysterious film for Rodarte. The name of the short film not less mysterious: This Must Be the Only Fantasy. Plot it is also not easy. Company adolescents sluggish discusses the table with dice all the small stuff, and the game is clearly not glued. As usual, some of them can not stand, missing bone and runs out into the street, where cubes accidentally fall on the pavement. Probably, the current combination of them involves a girl-otschepenku to another, more exciting game. On her way there are magical powers, red riders, fairies, glowing swords and the unicorn. Quest for the girl, varies depending on the environment in the style of images Rodarte (then Princess, the warrior, the Queen), finishing up a meeting with a strange character, played by Elijah Wood.