Free and wild Robert Pattinson in advertising Dior Homme

 Fragments of the film devoted to fragrance Dior Homme, with the actor appeared long ago. But we waited for the full version.
Robert Pattinson in advertising black and white film Dior Homme serious, thoughtful and passionate. Bristles properly tousled hair give him the image of freedom and brutality, and elegant clothes and perfect shoes - solidity and reliability.
Robert Pattinson's character in commercials rather restrained, slightly melancholic and a bit wooden (feel the influence of the main fragrance notes), but animal instincts shows, is only beckon. Dior lure man is hot and desirable Camille Rowe. In the world created by the film crew Robert Pattinson controls what is happening around, they also run by women.
The reality in the video is filled with passion and carelessness, but it seems to be steady and stable as the fragrance Dior Homme.

Experience in a commercial video for Dior (which, he feels, is more than just advertising) described the actor in an interview.