Art with a flea market: Alexander Calder necklace for $ 15

 Ideal plot for the game "Situation puzzle." Try to guess what the woman turned to buying a necklace similar to breeding, at a flea market for $ 15.
Necklace with silver swirls appeared after eight years of work of Alexander Calder. In addition, it participated in the very first retrospective exhibition of works by the artist.
Alexander Calder - author of the famous moving sculptures, mobiles, and a variety of wire compositions. But Norma Ayfill, hostess decoration, and it never occurred that necklace, attracted her attention at the fair, maybe his work until she read an advertisement for the exhibition of the sculptor. Material accompanied by images Similar decorations. This led to the idea of ​​a woman in touch with curators. It was found that the current value of the necklace is about $ 200-300 thousand. From the news that a few years she wore a work by Alexander Calder and did not know about it, the woman has not been able to recover. It is expected that the necklace will be offered for sale at auction Christie's.