New Year to decorate the house, buy a dress to wear contact lenses

 "As the New Year meet, so spend it" - familiar to us from childhood phrase. Perhaps that is why we pay attention to every detail in preparation for this magical holiday. With great trepidation we choose gifts for family and friends, well-thought menu New Year's table, decorate the Christmas tree and, of course, come with special attention to the choice of evening attire.

But what if your eyesight is imperfect and evening dress does not imply glasses, without which it may not see the most interesting? Try contact lensesACUVUE® (Acuvue) fromJohnson & Johnson - With them your vision will be clearer, and you will be irresistible! Now nothing will hide the natural beauty of your eyes and flawless makeup, and no detail will not spoil your attention to detail image.
But here's a festive night was over, and the long-awaited New Year's weekend. There are still so many interesting things - walking on snow-covered forest, ice skating, skiing and sledding ... And here contact lenses ACUVUE® (Acuvue) will be simply irreplaceable! After all, they can not slip and fall accident, break, break, or fog up. And if you have planned for the New Year's holiday travel, the most convenient option for you will be the one-day contact lenses1 • DAY ACUVUE® TruEye® (Day Acuvue Ouen Troyes) - the world's first one-day silicone hydrogel contact lenses. In their eyes consume 100% kisloroda¹ as without lenses. They are so comfortable, they do not feel at glazah². Use them simply and conveniently - in the morning put a new fresh pair of lenses, and in the evening shoot and throw them away. No need containers or solutions - no worries!

Contact lenses have already changed the lives of millions of people all over the world! Try it and you - refer to the ophthalmologist in the cabin optics to choose the right contact lenses brandsACUVUE®!
Contact lenses ACUVUE® - is simple and convenient!

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ACUVUEÒ is a trademark of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV
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¹ corneal oxygen consumption calculated in accordance with N.Brennana. N.Brennan: "Do not given flow: Total corneal oxygen consumption as a ratio of corneal oxygenation during contact lens wear" Optmetriya and science of vision, 2005, 82 (6): 467-472
² P. Chamberlain, F. Morgan et al. "Comfort and physiological response of new patients on day wearing silicone hydrogel contact lenses." Presentation at the BCLA, 2009. Preliminary data of one year study 74 patients.