Merry Christmas!

 Our dear readers! Comes the most clean and light holiday of the year - Christmas. He brings people bright hope. They say that if this holiday sincerely wish with all my heart good and happiness, the desire necessarily true. The team of our women's magazine wishes you all the best: happiness, health and prosperity!

Take a look at the sky ... How many stars! Each of them shimmers and sparkles pours to the ground his extraordinary light. And you, dear, such as the light and hope of bestowing their loved ones - remember this.

Let us recall the warmth of the sun ... It warms us and gives hope for the best. Become sun, rays of kindness hug your family and friends.

Let us recall the refreshing summer rain drops ... They give life to the young shoots and relieve the land of thirst. So you - Napo his love of others, give life a good start!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones a Merry Christmas for you!