Jennifer Lopez - the most influential star of the year

 Beauty, the glory which seemingly began to grow dim, again captured the hearts of many fans. Taking away the palm from the very Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez was on the top of the list of prominent celebrities.

Forbes magazine annual rankings of the world's most influential stars. In the allocation of seats, the incomes active presence and references to celebrities in the media and on the Internet. This year's list was headed by the famous singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. Rankings for the first time it has become.

Names Oprah Winfrey (2nd place), Justin Bieber (3rd), Rihanna (4th), Lady Gaga (5th) in the top ten for the first time do not get and do not surprise anyone. But the climb to the top spot with the fiftieth position which it occupied last year, Jennifer Lopez has made a kind of sensation.

Having gone through a divorce, a single mother and the beginning of a lot of work successfully. Recently her creative life was really busy. The album Love ?, bright clips, participation in promotional projects, shooting for magazines, design a line of clothing and fragrance, become members of the jury in a very popular American show American Idol - it all paid off. In particular, material. Jennifer Lopez earnings for the previous year is estimated at approximately $ 52 million. After quite a long break and resumed film career. A few days ago was released in rent the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting" with the actress.