Frost, sun and contact lenses

 Winter - the perfect time of year to once again feel like a child. You can lie in the fluffy snow, frolic skating or go down a steep hill on skis, become a snowflake on the New Year's holiday and find a gift under the Christmas tree. List of winter joys infinitely long and not worth its limit, even if you have bad eyesight. Just try contact lenses ACUVUE® (Acuvue) from Johnson & Johnson. They are ideal for active recreation, hiking and traveling. Winter wear contact lenses is especially convenient. With them, your vision will always be clear, because unlike glasses contact lenses are not zapoteyut at the entrance from the street into a warm room, they do not nalipnet snow, they will not face unpleasant holodit and sliding down his nose, and most importantly - the lens can not be broken .

Many people wonder - is it possible to wear contact lenses in the cold? Experts answer this question in the affirmative. Surface of the eye has a constant temperature of about 35 degrees, and constantly "warms up" contact lens. Maintain the temperature also allows blinking and warm tear fluid, washing the lens. Furthermore, the materials from which the soft contact lenses made inert to temperature. That is why, being in his eyes, they do not freeze, do not deform from the cold and can not damage your eyes. ACUVUE® contact lenses not only provide comfort for your eyes at any time of the year, but also to protect them from harmful UV rays. Ask an ophthalmologist in optics pick you ACUVUE® contact lenses and enjoy all the pleasures that give frosty winter days!