Dates for summer sales in Europe

 While in Athens coming to an end-seasonal spring sale, shops, other European countries are preparing for a huge discount. Some of them have already announced the official dates. Discount chain stores and luxury boutiques in this period will be up to 50%.

In France, in many cities season opens June 27 in the morning and ends around July 31. Nevertheless, some shopping centers will continue to work under the schedule of sales, other than a general. As well as some of the city - in the south (in Nice, Marseille, Avignon) buyers are waiting for sales from 4 July to 7 August. During this period, most of the malls will work longer than usual, including on weekends.

In Italy, sales begin around July 10 and will last until August. In Sicily and in Perugia - from 7 July to 15 September.

Go for discounts in Spain stands first in Madrid, where the season starts on 21 June and later blends in other regions. In most cities, the sale ends August 31 or September 1st. In Madrid, they will last the longest on the continent - already before September 21. The only exception will Canary Islands - discount from 2 July until October 1.

In Germany, the summer sales begin on the last Monday in July and ending in mid-August.