Ctrah and horror at Fashion Week by Michele Tscheppach

 Creative producer from Italy Michele Tscheppach (Mikele Ceppi) opens a new season extravagant project involving celebrities. The premiere of the project will be held on the opening day Volvo-Fashion Week in Moscow. All guests of the Fashion Week catwalk in addition expect "Star phobia"!

Valdis Pelsh, Hrushevsky, Lera Kudryavtseva, Konstantin Gaidai, Sergei Zverev, Dmitry Loginov, Anotonina Shapovalov and many other well-known personalities of the Russian fashion shows and industry agreed to share with the producer of the most cherished - their fears. Clearly and authentically convey experiences through photography celebrities managed one of the most promising photographers Moscow, worked under the pseudonymBeliy Denand stylistNadezhda Borisova.

"Phobias - this is my frenzied inspiration, they literally haunted my mind for as long as I have not captured their images," - says the photographer.

"The new season - time for new challenges - says Michele Tscheppach. - During the summer break, we have prepared a lot of interesting to the public. We realized at the same time that you should start with fanfare, to do something special and bright. Well thought and decided that the heroes of the project should ... be afraid! We asked famous people for a short time "victim" to the camera very different phobias. On the photographs will all: fear of money, beautiful women, and even the fear of kissing. " Exposure operates throughoutVolvo Fashion Week in Moscowfrom 26 to 31 October 2011.

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Ctrah and horror at Fashion Week by Michele TscheppachCtrah and horror at Fashion Week by Michele TscheppachCtrah and horror at Fashion Week by Michele Tscheppach

October 26 - October 31, 2011

Seating Yard, OpeningVolvo Fashion Week in Moscow

Gathering of visitors - 18.00