Top 5 divination relations

Top 5 divination relations
 Divination is usually used to slightly lift the veil of secrets coming - look to the future and learn their fate. Especially when it comes to love relationships with the second half.
 Divination with Roma needles

If you want to know what awaits you in the future in a relationship with a partner, prepare a deep bowl of water and two large needles (usually referred to as "Gypsy"). Generously grease the needle softened butter. Try to lower them into the water at the same time. Observe how they settle down in a bowl. Needles immediately sank to the bottom and not surfaced? So, in your relationship growing tension, which will soon result in a serious conflict. Try to keep yourself in the hands during minor quarrels with her beloved. Needle like "glued" to each other - your feelings are mutual. If they are on the surface of water in the form of a cross, watch out for those who are part of your environment: one of the "friends" is clearly jealous of you and makes every effort to annoy a strong pair.

Guessing on candle wax

To do this will require divination metal bowl in which you will warm up the wax. Soy candles will not do better use paraffin. Smash candle into several parts, put them in a bowl and put it on the fire. Hot wax immediately pour into a bowl of ice water. Rate frozen figure. Turn imagination. See the heart? This means that your partner's feelings are serious - most likely, it plans to offer you a hand and heart. Blurred contours of the mountains and sharp rocks portend spats and scandals with her beloved. Drowned in water wax promises trouble, in the context of relationships - the parting.

"Newspaper" Divination

Crumple the paper and put it on a plate. Ignite and wait until it is completely burn. In a dark room, turn on the desk lamp and direct its light on what is left of the newspaper. What do you Intuitively, what you see in the shadows on the wall?

Modern "egg" Divination

Break one egg in the ovenproof dish filled with water and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds at a temperature of 180oC. Remove and evaluate the results. You see a cross or circle? Talk with your loved ones from the heart, discuss the accumulated problems. Several circles and ovals blurry? You will find good news or a loved one return from a long trip. Before you lump with bloody stains? Caution may favorite is cheating on you.

The answer - a favorite novel

Take the romance and make a random page number and line. Open the desired line and read - it will be a prediction of the future for your relationship.

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