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 Spices - old friends of tasty food. Spicy dishes improve appetite, a beneficial effect on the joints, "disperse" blood and just pleasing their aroma and taste. But how to understand the abundance of herbs? There are a few simple tips.

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Spices are sold either in paper or plastic bags or in glass jars. This method of packaging of spices is very practical and at the same time helps to preserve their flavor.

Unmilled seeds and whole berries, such as pepper, in a sealed package and dark place can be kept indefinitely. Before buying, check, not faded whether spices, that is, whether they have kept intense color. Furthermore, it is important to have their original spice flavor. Since most spices are imported from third world countries, is the sine qua non of good packaging, as only in this case can be really achieved their wholly-sterility and cleanliness. As a rule, can be purchased as whole and ground spices. In whole spices advantage that they fully retain their flavor and taste.

Before using them either milled or crushed. Many spices such as paprika or chili, sold only in the form of a hammer. However, despite this, they retain their good flavor and taste. However, in any case, to purchase all ground spices is best in small quantities and store them away from light, in tightly closed containers.


Anise is part of many mixtures of herbs. This spice is often added in a variety of confections and used in baking. In India, anise put in soups and salads. Has a distinctive fruity aroma and a pleasant sweet flavor, a bit like licorice (licorice extract). It is used in very small doses.

BASIL (Reagan)

In the process of drying basil loses most of its flavor, so it pryanoaromatnoe plant is best used fresh. Perfect for seasoning dishes of raw foods, salads, vegetables (mostly to tomatoes and eggplants), meat and fish dishes. In sharp basil, clove-like aroma smell. The taste of the young leaves and shoots salty and savory.

Sambucus nigra

Elder flowers are used as an additive in flower teas, marmalades, fruit pancakes and muffins. The juice from the fruit of a good flavor of vinegar. Elder flowers have a very strong odor. It is also very fragrant and pounded leaves.


Spice are the fruits that are subjected to a long process of fermentation and drying, with the result that obtained all familiar wrinkled brown "sticks" vanilla with a characteristic pleasant aroma. Vanilla - an important part of bakery products and a wide range of pastries, desserts, sauces, puddings and chocolate. Has a very pleasant aroma, reminiscent of perfume with a hint of tobacco and mild sweet taste.


Spice are unopened buds. Used to flavor desserts and pastries, meat and fish dishes, soups, sauces, vegetables and grog. In the food industry it is used in the production of sausages and baked goods. Very strong smell fragrant, pungent taste.


As a spicy additive ground mustard seeds put in salad dressings and sauces for grilled meat and fish dishes, mayonnaise. Mustard is perfect for flavoring meat and cabbage rolls. The taste of white mustard seed at first sweetish, then burning. The black mustard heavily burning taste.


As seasonings use leaves and tops of young shoots. The leaves are very fragrant oregano, so add them to the dish should be in small quantities. Oregano - a favorite seasoning in Italian cuisine. Without it absolutely impossible to imagine, for example, real pizza. In addition, it is perfect for tomatoes, lamb, vegetable casseroles, sauces and soups nourishing. Delicate aroma and bitter-spicy, slightly burning taste.


The spice is obtained from the rhizomes. Is part of curries and other spicy mixtures, add it in cakes (Gingerbread), in puddings and pickles. In Asian cooking, ginger is used as a seasoning for vegetable dishes. Has a sweet, like the fragrance of wood and smell quite pungent taste.


We use a caper buds, young fruit and the ends of shoots. Their marinated in vinegar and salt, then using as a seasoning for sauces, meat, poultry and various salads. Taste spicy, tart and quite bitter.


Used in baking, as a seasoning this spice is perfect for a variety of desserts and fruit dishes. Furthermore, cardamom included in various curry spice mixtures for flavoring sausage products. For the first time has a bitter and pungent taste, reminiscent of camphor, but then becomes warming and enjoyable.


Spice - gray-brown seeds. Included in the various types of curries, chutneys (mango marinated in seasoning), it is added to spicy salads. In the East Asian cuisine this spice is used in a variety of meat dishes, soups and salads, and in some parts of Europe - as a condiment in certain types of cheese.

CORIANDER (cilantro)

Added to stewed fruit and Christmas pastries. Also to flavor spicy dishes - meat, sausages and vegetables. Along with fennel, cumin and coriander anise considered classical spice for flavoring bread and bakery products. In addition, he is a part of various spice blends curries. Very strong, peculiar odor. The taste of coriander seeds fragrant, spicy and slightly sweet.


Obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree. Seasoned with sweet and savory dishes, added to baked goods, sweet dishes and desserts, as well as used in Indian cooking as a seasoning in various mixtures of curry, meat and fish dishes, rice dishes. The taste of sweet, sweet, sweet woody aroma and warm, soft.


Sesame seeds sprinkled on bread and biscuit baking. In Japanese cuisine: first, they are fried, and then added to dishes of poultry and beef. An important part of the famous Greek dishes hummus bi tahina - mashed sesame seed and chickpea. In seeds sweet nutty flavor.


Important part of various curries. In Indian cuisine, this spice is used in many vegetable dishes. Turmeric is perfect for flavoring various sauces and mustard. Fresh fragrance, reminiscent of a mixture of pepper and orange. Taste pungent and bitter.


Bay leaf - spicy seasoning in fish and meat marinades, sauces, soups, it is added as a spice in pickling cucumbers or pickling and other vegetables. In addition, ground bay leaf part of the spice mixtures for flavoring sausage products.


The flowers and leaves are used as a condiment for meat, fish and vegetable dishes more often in the southern French cuisine.

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