Tsellyulit- disease lazy

Tsellyulit- disease lazy
 If you often resort to strict diets, sedentary, eat properly, you will soon be able to see a bad result for you, which is simply called "orange peel". This cellulite, which occurs due to improper distribution of subcutaneous fat. He can fight, if you manage to overcome my laziness.

Measures taken by you in the fight against cellulite, should be comprehensive. Just in case you can completely change your lifestyle (diet, physical activity, pastime) and do not be lazy, taking care of your body, you should not expect great results.

Change your diet completely. Avoid overeating: learn to consume food in small portions, but more often than before. Drink plenty of simple, clean water without gas. If possible, completely eliminate sugar from your diet. It can be replaced with dried fruits. Salt and all the "salinity" (cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms) should be banned, because they hold excess water in the body. Eat more healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, boiled or steamed chicken breast, lean fish.

Start your active lifestyle. To the place of work, try to get to on foot or at least get out of the vehicle at one stop earlier than necessary. Go up to the right floor by the stairs instead of the elevator. On weekends, go to the woods for mushrooms or the river to swim.

In the fight against cellulite exercise is good help. If you stand on all fours and you do foot moves, it will strengthen the gluteal muscles and give the load back of the thigh. Do sit-ups and thirty two approaches every day. Swing the press, in turn raising the trunk and legs bent at the knees. All this will help you make the skin more supple and taut.

Water treatments may also have an excellent effect. Take a bath with sea salt. Take 150-200 grams of sea salt (check the directions on the package) and dissolve in water at a temperature of 37-40 degrees. These take a bath for five to ten minutes. You can then until redness rubbing himself with a towel. If you apply on the skin of any anti-cellulite cream, you can achieve even greater effect.

Try at least once a week, to go to the bath or sauna, or sign up in the pool.

If the material resources permit, it can seem like a massage parlor. But it's also easy to make and vacuum massage at home. In a typical pharmacy buy vacuum jars (they are inexpensive) and pre-steamed and buttered body, attach one to the problem areas. Then, without taking away from the skin to the bank, drive it until a little redness.

If you do not want to have cellulite, avoid strict diets that allow for a short period of time to get rid of a very large number of extra pounds.

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