Taibo fitness

 If you decide to fight against overweight and stress - Get Taibo! Every year, this type of fitness is becoming increasingly popular. Total school hours Taibo can get rid of 800 calories. Regular exercise will provide flexibility and tone muscles, develop stamina and strength, banish stress and help you find inner harmony. Today women's magazine JustLady recounts Taibo fitness.

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Taibo fitness - A mix of martial arts and dance aerobics, dynamic workout that burns calories efficiently and develops stamina. Just 1 hour lesson is equivalent to jog at a distance of 10 km. Taibo classes will help you lose weight, gain self-confidence and teach the basic elements of self-defense.Taibo fitness can be regarded as a martial art, perfectly relieves tension and stress, improves posture and activity of the cardiovascular system, worked out the major muscle groups.

Classes are suitable for absolutely all women. In addition to excellent shape, you will find peace of mind and harmony. This is facilitated by various breathing exercises and meditation, which are present in a set of exercises. All movements inTaibo fitness aimed at increasing flexibility and endurance, improved body and mastery of martial arts.

Before you begin classesTaibo fitness, Prepare your body for stress. It is necessary to strengthen the joints and muscles in order to avoid injuries and sprains. It is better to work out a couple of months of active dancing or step aerobics. Clothing for training need comfortable and made of natural fabrics, best of all, free T-shirt and shorts. Pay special attention to shoes: choose well cushioned shoes that do not slip and securely fix the foot. You can go to a fitness club or engage inTaibo fitness home, such as special video tutorial. The main thing to tune in the regular classes, which guarantee a perfect result!

Taibo fitness

Classes Taibo occur on the rise: with each workout load increases.Taibo fitness begins with a warm-up. As a rule, a set of stepwise-dancing exercises, running. Followed by strength training for endurance and stretching (stretching), and relaxation exercises. After this, the bulk of the training - intense exercise, consisting of punches and kicks to the space and punching bag, jumping, arbitrary displacement and diverse movements of martial arts. All this is happening to rhythmic music. In carrying out attacks in the space will be very handy small dumbbells that will enhance the effect. The final part of the training - fighting dance, helps to restore breathing.

Some of the exercisesTaibo fitness

1. Hold a dumbbell weighing 0.5-1 kg, stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Commit light quick strokes straight ahead, focusing on his nose. Convenient to carry out this exercise in front of a mirror. Kick as if the effort on his nose. Torso twist. This exercise you strengthen muscles in the arms, back and shoulder girdle.
2. Exercise "blowback." A little cave in advance. Take your foot back so that the heel was on a par with the knees, on which stand. Follow kick back, heel drag upwards. Along the same path to return to the original position. Repeat with the other leg kick. Women's magazine JustLady recommends this exercise 15-20 times. It strengthens the muscles of the legs and hips, makes elastic buttocks.
3. Exercise "Strike forward." Straighten up, pull your belly. Pull your leg bent at the knee to the stomach and straighten her heel forward. Repeat strikes 20 times with each leg.
4. Exercise "Strike the side." Straightened, feet shoulder-width apart place. Tighten one foot to the other, bend the knee and straighten the side. Return to starting position. The same impact do the other leg. Repeat 15-25 times.
5. "Dragons". Stand with your feet slightly apart. Inhale, bending your elbows and place them at chest level, palms up. Then stretch your arms forward, thumbs turn up. At the exit seat. Feet from the floor, do not release. Repeat 5 times. Exercise "Dragons" strengthens the legs and buttocks, helps to find the balance and "exhale" negative energy.

Women's magazine suggests JustLady first work out all the elements at a slow pace and in front of a mirror to master the technique of strokes. Need to increase the speed of the shock gradually. Use special pillow or punching bag to feel the force of its impact. A shot, do not fully straighten your elbows and knees. Feet should yield slightly, and the arms move freely. It is easier to kick and avoid injury.

DoTaibo fitness You can both independently and with the coach. For training suit any room of 12 square meters or playground outdoors. If you're in the great outdoors, bring your player with headphones. For home exercises you can buy a DVD of training or practice online via the Internet. You can also take advantage of special set of exercises. If you decide to engage in a fitness club, you can choose as sessions with a personal trainer and group exercise.

Taibo fitness - A great opportunity to gain a slender figure, fortitude, self-confidence and high spirits!

 Marina Kremer
Women's magazine JustLady

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