Striptease as fitness

 Strip dance - the sexiest way to round up the calories. During the lessons involve the abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs, as well as arms and chest. In general, the most problematic areas. A dance on the pole at all comparable to the strength training. The main difference - in the classroom striptease not just pumped muscles, increasing the volume and weight, and polished. The body becomes feminine form, and its owner - with nothing comparable posture and gait. As they say strip instructors, girls in these classes become sensual freedom. For this you can and sweat.

Waves in the pelvis

In the classroom for striptease, oddly enough, is not taught to undress. And if they are taught in the last turn. The main task of the trainers - teach fascinating move. In training after an ordinary workout, rehearsed all sorts of "sexy" pas: the wave of revolution, "cat", "butterfly". Characteristic posture - arched back, sticking ass, drawn stomach, legs spread apart. All movements are designed to develop flexibility and disclosure of sexuality.

For Real! Dancing striptease for others, girls often reveal a sex goddess and cease to be ashamed of themselves. After all, while having a lot of attention is given to the pelvic region. In this main secret. It turns out that most women do not enjoy sex just because they do not know how to feel your pelvis.

In addition, all the elements of a strip-dance reminiscent of the change of inhalation and exhalation: it opens the chest, then hiding, then exposed ass, then going into a cocoon. These movements create a mood of frankness. After all, people in the know said to be the fantasy striptease implements not only the audience, but also of the dancers.

But before seduce others need to answer the simple question: "What I want to be his mistress? "If the sight gets romantic picture: candles and cleanliness - all bad. It excites men very rarely. They tolerate a girlish fantasy just to get your own desired.

Much better is the case with women's fantasies in which the wicked mistress. Viciousness means no bodily clips in the pelvic area. Such women are easily given to passion and then do not feel remorse. It is these women turn after.

Demonstration of feminine values

Learn to dance striptease, can not demonstrate their ability to Him. Anyway, the very possibility of the lights the fire in his eyes. If sexuality breaks out and you want to empty houses to dance strip - for him, loved - then here are some practical tips:

It is necessary to create an atmosphere with the help of scenery, music and light. For example, you can make the red light on the canopy or translucent shirmochka. In this light fade any figure flaws.

It is important to consider the suit. It is necessary to choose the removable, but abundant clothing. The dress does not fit - it took all. To begin to create the best outfit in Spanish or gypsy style. Bandana on his shoulders never hurt: it can be easily removed with ease, but once it is cleared, then began a striptease. Next - better.

In any case to strip speech should not wear pants - Nispadanie skirts are much more aesthetically pleasing spectacle than vylezanija out of his pants. Pantyhose should also be canceled - they literally a bind hand and foot. Corset, oddly enough, too bad friend stripper - it tight to remove, and leaves the skin traces of bones.

Striptease is most advantageous in high heels. Firstly, the legs look longer, and secondly, shoes can be a playful shoot. More convenient if the shoes will be without fasteners - otherwise you can get lost in the hooks and laugh (at best the most) ...

Each dancer should know the main disadvantage of a strip-dance. This bruises. But not to the pope and his chest and lap. They appear easy - when falling to the floor with a sweep, "breathless with desire," or during twist on a pole. Unfortunately, this is hardly avoid: dancing in knee pads - funny and pole impossible.

If the dancer is not afraid of bruises, the main wish - to flirt and enjoy. See eye to eye, and rejoice in his own depravity. Only costs in advance to warn his audience that can not be touched until the end of stripper music and dance is over before it started. I actually just happened ...

Svetlana Bolshakov

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