Spotlight: ninety-second

 When it comes to Jennifer Lopez, remember not all her songs and her role in the film - all recall that part of her body, is insured for a million dollars. Not a bad price, by the way! But not necessarily to pay as much to your rear view was not as attractive as the front. Let's talk today about ways to help make our "second ninety" (one hundred, one hundred and twenty - plenty!) More attractive.

Of course, it would be wonderful to receive a gift from nature excellent elastic ass, devoid of cellulite and other "charms". But even if one does not happen, there are ways to fix it.

The easiest and fastest way to - A plastic surgery, but it is the most expensive and "bloody". Much easier to perform several effective exercises for glutes.

A great way to help yourself to acquire the desired shape - refuse to lift and escalator and walk up on the subway or at least a few floors at home and at work. You can further train the muscles, tensing and relaxing them during the day or during normal walking or jogging.

Here are some effective exercises for priests:

Squats They strengthen the entire lower part of the body: thighs, calves and butt. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, chin raised, a look ahead. Squatting, keep your back straight and do not lean forward, as long as the hips will not be parallel to the floor (as if you sit on a chair), and then strengthen the muscles return to the starting position. This exercise can be made more complex by adding dumbbells - but if you are overweight, it is better not to do it: your load on their feet and so is quite large.

Ups hips off the floor During this exercise works fine gluteus maximus. Lie on your back, bending your knees and put your feet as close to the hips. Keep your hips off the floor as high as possible, the maximum straining buttocks, stay in this position for a few seconds, then return to starting. Important: The back remains straight! This exercise can be complicated, alternately lifting one leg up and holding it aloft parallel to the floor.

Lunges forward This exercise is called "cellulite killer." Stand with your arms down. Step into the right foot forward as far as possible to the thigh parallel to the floor turned out. Spin this straight, stomach in, gluteal muscles tense. Then return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. This exercise can be complicated, trying to touch the floor with his knee, but it's better to do it after you get used to the stress.

And some exercise on the buttocks you think is the most effective?