Slow fitness

 The task of the "slow fitness" is to strengthen the muscular frame, careful study of ligaments and joints. Previously, fans of such scrupulous work on his body were limited in choice of occupation - in addition to yoga and Callanetics with stretching (which is essentially the same thing) proposals were not. But in recent years there have been some very interesting programs, which are based on a whole range of medical and health systems.


This training system combines different sporting styles and trends. In fact, most importantly, what is taught here - muscle control, ie, the concentration on what and how to make the body. Pilates was originally rehabilitation program to resolve any problems with your back, whether herniated discs or consequences of severe injuries of the musculoskeletal system. But over time, Pilates was widespread and now these activities have in the schedule of any self-respecting sports club. Concentration, control, prochuvstvovaniyu movements, accuracy of movements, breathing - these are the key principles of Pilates.

Josey Pilates claimed that the center of vital energy is in the lumbar and combines the large muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and middle back. Feel something familiar? Indeed, one of the "primary sources" Pilates - Yoga, their principles are very similar. Pilates - is primarily static exercises. One of the goals - to develop small muscles that are not used for other classes due to multiple repetition of the same movements: in the large muscles gradually get tired, and the work included small. The tone of these muscles is very important - they are responsible for the formation of the silhouette. Almost all of the exercises involve horizontal position, which significantly reduces the load on the spine.

Each exercise in Pilates has a specific goal, so focus on flawless execution is required. However, this care is given quite easily just due to low rate. The program involves a slow, quiet and smooth exercises. There are no jerks and sudden movements that can cause pain and result in injury. It is also very important to proper breathing. Full breath and full inspiration to help get rid of the stale air in the depths of the lungs and the body is filled with fresh oxygen, enlivening and activating all processes in the body.

There are many varieties of Pilates - classic, yogilates, pilates, stretch, power, etc. There is even a water pilates, where classes are held in the pool with a water temperature of at least 30 degrees. Lessons are very popular with the balls, which are strange name "meditsinbol." Multicolored balls weigh different -500 g, 1 kg and 2 kg. During the training, they serve as a support, balance and weight material. With meditsinbola can achieve the perfect balance between the load on different muscle groups, which ultimately leads to equalization silhouette.

Pilates is extremely useful not only for muscle tone, joint health and coordination of movements, but also to enhance immunity. This is an ideal program for those who do not want or for some reason can not engage in active sports. For those who love the gym and other security classes, Pilates can be useful as a relaxation and support program - tired after intense workouts muscles stretch and relax the spine.


Isotonic program - a very interesting complex consisting of many therapeutic fitness programs. All classes include stretching and performed at a slow pace. Stretching pays great attention - there is an alternation of five varieties of stretch marks, so that the muscles and tendons in record time come in perfect condition. Training methods based on scientific research, so the technique exercises, intervals between them and other components of a class are strictly regulated. The ideologists of the program argue that the basis of this system is the biological well-being.

It is believed that in the process of training occurs locally release of hormones that help burn fat in a particular part of the body. A condition which is necessary for the release of hormones called "manage stress." Body really exposed to stress, which is strictly dosed and therefore benefits, rather than harmful. During any isotonic exercises muscles do not relax for a minute. At first glance this may seem complicated, but the program is designed in a way that is suitable even for those who suffer from heart disorders or vascular disease.

Special attention is given program Izohealth. This hour and a half lesson, which worked out not only the muscles, ligaments and tendons and internal organs. It is no secret that the state of our body is directly related to the spine, and any bending of suffering and internal organs. Izohealth returns vertebrae to their original place and the body begins to function fully. In addition, an important role is played by the heart rate - this moment is considered in the first place. A point work on a specific muscle group allows you to correct the most problematic areas of the body. By the way, good muscle tone inner thighs significantly improves the condition of all the organs of the reproductive system.

The technique of iso-family programs is called Izosub and aims to work with the deep muscles of the back, abdomen and back of the thighs. With regular practice, can cause posture in perfect condition and significantly strengthen the press.

As part of the i-system, there are several programs to address work with his back. Some are similar to the sessions of physical therapy and created specifically for the treatment of diseases of the spine. One of them is called - "Healthy Back". The main attention is paid to it pumpable muscles serving the sacrum. Also there is a preventive classes whose primary purpose is the correct posture and strengthen the muscular frame. There are very highly specialized occupations, such as pregnant women, for whom healthy back is extremely important.

The underlying principle of any iso-program - awareness movements. People should know why he is doing this or that exercise, in which case the maximum effect. Of course, for best results, it is necessary to comply with diet and sleep. In addition, it is important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day - it turns out, is how much you need to spine felt good.


Another popular "slow program" - body-ballet, which is now in almost every club. Many girls in childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. Few managed to realize this dream, but grace and flexibility dancers delight everyone. Indeed, the "ballet" figure looks prettier than sports - it outlines a smooth and elongated. This is because when doing choreography, firstly, the muscles are not only trained, but also stretch (actively and continuously), and secondly, working all muscle layers up to the deep and shallow.

Body ballet exists as a component of Pilates fitness, and self discipline. It is based on classical choreography and includes exercises adapted Ballet Exercises. The work is divided into active and passive. The first aims to mobilize its own forces, and the second involves the use of shells and machine. Classes are based on the development of turnout (ballet term that refers to the degree of flexibility and elasticity of the hip joint), stretching, posture statement, the development and strengthening of grace buttocks. For gluteal muscles body-ballet -Ideal training and exercises are performed at a dilution towards the toes feet, quickly give them the perfect shape.