Protein Drink recipes: how to cook at home

Protein Drink recipes: how to cook at home
 Recipe balanced protein shake seek many athletes seeking to increase lean body mass. However, this cocktail is recommended to those people who want to lose weight. Thanks to a useful and low-calorie foods that are part of it, achieved a double effect: a person gets rid of excess fat, and his body gets the nutrients necessary for the smooth functioning.
 Protein shakes can be purchased in specialized departments. Often they have a fairly high cost, therefore inaccessible to many budding athletes. The best way out of this situation is to prepare protein shake by the following recipe at home. The more that this process takes time and requires no special skills.

The basis for the preparation of protein shake can be juice, milk or yogurt. It all depends on your desire to gain more weight or lose weight. Thus, in the first case it is recommended to use milk or yogurt, and in the second - the juice.

Mandatory ingredient is a protein (egg) powder, which is sold in sports shops. However, to increase the amount of protein in a cocktail, you can own, adding a low-fat cottage cheese (17 g protein per 100 g of product) or eggs (6, 5-7 grams of protein in one egg).

Increase calorie cocktails are using products that contain large amounts of carbohydrates: bananas and berries. In addition to carbohydrates in bananas contain fiber and healthy fats to the body, and the berries are a storehouse of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Adding a protein shake olive or flaxseed oil, you will provide your body with a dose of omega-3 fatty acids that will benefit the increase in lean body mass.

The following recipe is for people who want to gain weight. If your goal - to lose weight, use it as a base only to reduce caloric instead take the banana apple. You can experiment with other ingredients, identifying the most appropriate structure for you.

So, for the preparation of protein drink you will need a blender (mixer) and several conventional products. Taking the skim milk (370 ml or half cup), add the four tablespoons of protein (egg) powder. Then mash the banana with a spoon and add it to the cocktail. Next, add 1/4 cup of condensed milk, two tablespoons of cocoa (powder) and 1/3 cup dry milk. All products must beat blender, and the drink is supposed to be homogenous.

Recommended to use a cocktail in the morning and evening, as well as 40 minutes before workout and 40 minutes after it.

It is important to find one protein shake that will meet your goals. Get detailed information you can by contacting a counselor in a store or an experienced bodybuilder.

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