Preparing for winter skiing

Preparing for winter skiing
 The winter season is around the corner, which means that all the winter fun will come soon. In addition to the New Year holidays in the short term are seen various winter sports activities such as hockey, skiing and skating. On the cross-country skiing will talk in more detail.

Cross-country skiing can be any healthy person, regardless of gender and anthropometric data. Among the skiers who have achieved a good result there were those who failed the growth and those who did not stand dimensions. You also can not say that skiing - it's definitely a male or female sport, so you can safely take a jog other. It is unlikely that he will refuse because femininity of the sport. If the failure is still forthcoming, it means that your friend has either not very good technique skiing, or insufficiently physically developed and is afraid to keep up with you for the nearest pine.

Do not forget that skiing harmoniously muscle groups of your body. Arranging regular cross-country skiing, do not be afraid that will be in the form of only the upper or lower body. In this sport you will strengthen and arms and legs, and will result in the form of shoulders and chest.

Of course, the muscles of the body - not the only thing that is pumped during skiing. You can strengthen your heart and respiratory system, and increase endurance, thanks to regular skiing.

Also skis will help you to remove or significantly reduced winter excess fat on the abdomen. The thing is that the abdominal muscles are much more likely to decline during the ski runs, rather than when you are in a static position. And the energy you expend a lot during his forays into the woods. As you know, with a shortage of energy the body uses fat stores.

Equipment for ski runs can be rented and you can buy. Beginners preferable ride on classic skis. They must be above a specific person at 25 cm. The length of the poles, on the contrary must be less than 25 cm of the skier.
As for the lubrication of ski, then it is applied on a clean surface thin even layers. After half an hour of cooling lubricant should be applied to the last layer.

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