Office fitness

Office fitness
 Many of today has become clear that the office lifestyle health does not add. There are problems with the spine, joints; tired and sore eyes, swollen feet. Under these conditions, is growing rapidly in popularity this phenomenon as an office fitness.

Under it usually imply a system of simple exercises designed to maintain physical fitness, health and performance of workers of various offices. Advantages of the system that do not require any training or special conditions, no additional devices.

Of course, much depends on the situation. Owners of individual workers cabinets have more freedom in choosing the types of exercises. Those who shares a room with his colleagues, a little harder. However, if the majority of the team is committed to a healthy lifestyle, the idea of ​​joint fitness breaks is likely to be sustained. If not - will have to pick up the exercise, do not attract public attention to your person.

Like any form of exercise, fitness office has a number of general rules. The first concerns the timing. Do not start the exercise in the afternoon, for that matter, and go to the cafe right after "charging". Generally refers to a second structure of the workout. First the warm-up, then the basic exercises for different muscle groups, in the end - relaxation exercises. Third, consider the specifics. Office - no gym, so the choice of exercises and their intensity should be appropriate. Office suit is not conducive to active movements, and wet with sweat shirt you do not decorate.

One of the simplest and most affordable types of training in the workplace is walking. Walk down the hall, up the stairs, if you can - go outside. This is a great form of workout.

Choose a variety of exercises, according to their capacity. Be sure to include training complex exercises for the legs and eyes. Do not forget about the spine and correct posture. And remember that no one except you will not be able to take care of your health. Well, the time and place for fitness is always and everywhere, even in the office.

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