Hula-hoop: thin waist at home

Hula-hoop: thin waist at home
 Thin waist and hips tightened - caring for women and admiration of men. Lovely ladies do not always have time for fitness centers, but fortunately there is a way to achieve good results and at home.
 Hula-hoop - tested and approved even by our grandmothers means. And not only grandmothers - even in Egyptian tombs found hoops put there by caring family, along with other necessary things. The ancient Greeks portrayed sporting hoops on their vases, as in Shakespeare's time ladies also corrected using the size of their waists hoops.

Officially hoop as a means of correction appeared in the middle of the 20th century in America. Since then, his "range" has undergone some changes, and the popularity has grown many times.

Types of hula-hoops:

1. Classic hula-hoop. This is the usual hoop made of polyethylene or iron, hollow inside.

2. Folding hula-hoop. This kind hula-hoop can be folded four times - which is very convenient and practical. This hoop and does not take place and it trasportabelen.

3. Hula-hoop with the weighting agent. Such a hula-hoop weighs about two pounds. It perfectly massages the waist and hips, combats cellulite and sagging skin. May leave bruises in the first days of training.

4. Hula-hoop with massage elements. The perfect choice for those who want to get rid of excess fat on the sides and waist. Available with rubber balls, arranged around the inner perimeter of the hoop. Average number of balls 35 pieces. It may also be in the early days to leave bruises on the skin.

5. Dzhimflekstor. This kind hula-hoop made of reinforced rubber and is provided with a nipple for inflation. Its advantage is that you yourself can adjust the load and intensity of the workout. This type of hoop during exercise involves also the arm muscles, buttocks, chest and back. Complete with dzhimflekstorom are special belts with which you can fix its shape. There are special instructions that tell how to do the exercises with the hoop for weight loss. Weighs a hula-hoop about 3 pounds, and its diameter is 70 to 90 centimeters.

Exercises with hula-hoop

The exercises with hula-hoop except duration "torsion" It is important to perform.

Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes still look outside, keep the hoop at waist level. Begin to rotate the hoop waist and hips so that the whole body were involved - from the knees to the neck. During the rotation of the waist muscles, thighs and press should be stretched.


Do not engage with a hula hoop, during menstruation. Should refrain from activities if you have problems with your back and neck. Before you begin intensive training, especially with heavy varieties of hula-hoop, consult your doctor.


To heavy hula hoop did not leave bruises on your body and the result was more noticeable in the first time, proceed as follows. Spread the waist and hips favorite fat burning cream or lotion, wrapped in several layers of foil and put on top of the cotton T-shirt. You will feel how much easier the process will be due to the protective film, the cream will help you burn extra centimeters, and the muscles after a workout will feel much better.

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