How to turn right hoop

How to turn right hoop
 Classes hoop help to find slender waist, get rid of fat on the sides and belly. To achieve these results, you need to turn the hoop correctly, observing all the details. Engage in daily and your figure will soon be transformed.
 Before training do the workout - your muscles need to be warmed up. Move a few minutes at a fast pace - you can perform jumps, run in place, squat, or simply dance. Do one exercise breathing exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles - as you exhale tilt body forward, Hold this position for a few seconds, then stand up straight and breathe. Enough to breathe for 4-6 accounts. Do best on an empty stomach or after 2-3 hours after a meal.

Connect with your feet together, straighten your back, hands behind his head rewound by connecting them to the back of the head, or apart. If you are just starting to learn the hoop, you can spread his legs a bit - efficiency will be less, but it will allow you to adjust the load on the body. Changing the position of the legs during exercise, you diversify employment and work through different muscle groups. If you want to further tighten the buttocks, then arrange the legs as wide as possible, but if your goal - to pump hips - that somknite feet, increasing the voltage.

Start rotation - your movements should be smooth and measured. Do not make sudden jerks, do not increase the amplitude of the rotation of the body, otherwise you will damage your back. Rotate the ring clockwise, and a few minutes later change the direction of rotation. Take care that during rotation, your breasts and buttocks remained motionless.

If you want to increase the load, choose a model with weights or wear on his feet cargo. In the hands can take a dumbbell or carpal expander. With such a load, you can see the first results after a couple of months.

Try to rotate the hoop with retracted abdomen, then experiment, relax the abdominal muscles. Over time, you develop a methodology for the use of the hoop, but do not forget that the main thing in this case - to observe the continuity of torsion. Turn the shell as long as you can stand - start with 15-20 minutes, then increase your workout.

To relax a bit, connect the rotation hoop with walking - to move around the room, do not forget to rotate the body.

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