How to lose weight after pregnancy

How to lose weight after pregnancy
 After birth, the dream of young mothers is original clothing size. However, this dream is not so easily done. The child takes all the time. Charging, swimming pool, gym - it's something from the category of fiction. In this regard, women can not throw off excess weight, more than that, they are also gaining it in the first year of baby's life.

This problem is most acute among young mothers. Playground becomes a place of constant discussion of the topic of weight loss. Every mom has her secrets. If we combine all these secrets, then we obtain the original, simple and proven experience of how to lose weight after pregnancy.

Children's day regimen
Failure to follow the correct mode of the day is the most common mistake of young mothers. All of their time is spent on the child, and they forget about themselves. At the first opportunity they gorge on the future, and this is not helpful. After all, when non-compliance body is under stress and creates body fat. Actually it should be eating at the same time, and when the kid. And most importantly - to be excluded child malnutrition.

According to nutritionists, women, breast-feeding, quickly regain their previous form. However, in most real world is reversed. This is due to the fact that mommy eat a lot of fatty foods, to feeding was helpful. But do not do this, as it is sufficient to eat foods rich in vitamins.
Breastfeeding greatly increases the appetite. However, this does not mean you have to eat everything. Also, do not go on a diet and malnourished - the good of it will not, but can cause harm.

Proper nutrition
Do not sit on a diet, because from it will not be confused. In addition, breastfeeding requires adequate nutrition. It is only necessary to control your diet. In the food should be consumed the most useful products. It is necessary to constantly maintain a balance of iron, protein and fat in the body. With a shortage of iron weight loss becomes impossible.

Many moms refrain from walking or just go to the balcony. And this is very wrong, because walking contribute to the formation excellent shape after pregnancy. Walking - a great option for young mothers wishing to overcome obesity. Also an excellent exercise is walking with a stroller. Day should begin with a walk, and the result will not take long.

Mental attitude
Psychology is also a very serious factor. After pregnancy, a woman may be in the doldrums, the mood changes dramatically, there is crying. At such times, many women console themselves with something sweetly or a hearty dinner. However, a relief after eating imaginary. Chocolate does not win stress. It is better to try to replace the chocolate fruit. So even though health is excellent, and with it the mood.

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