How to choose the direction of fitness?

 Each of us at least once in their life had to stand before a choice: "Where to go and what to do? "With the huge number of fitness clubs, as well as areas of fitness, to choose the most suitable option for themselves has become even more difficult. Let's try to make a choice fitness - program, along with women's magazine JustLady

Several problems.The first is the correct choice of the direction of fitness that is right for you, given your physical, psychological and other features. And Second - If you like a particular direction correspond to your needs it is, and why.

However, unfortunately, we do not always understand very well what is a each of the proposed areas, whom they fit, and what requirements we impose.

Systematic studies

Do fitness preferably several times a week - at least 2-3. You can in addition to attending classes 1-2 times per week pool or sauna (everything here determines whether you have free time and no contraindications to the latter).If you set a goal to lose weight, To give harmony forms, you will accept a combination of 2-3 fitness workouts a week or two fitness classes and one in the gym. If you give more preference in the gym, you can add to a 1-2 1-2 classes there group lessons per week aerobics, Pilates, shaping, or other type of optional.

If you visit a fitness and swimming pool, it is necessary to alternate days of visitation - for example, Monday-Wednesday-Friday: fitness, and Tuesday-Thursday or Tuesday-Saturday: swimming pool or sauna.

If your job is in addition to the acquisition of physical fitnessGet more and psychological discharge after a busy day, you can several times a week to attend classes in yoga or pilates. Will only benefit the alternation of these workouts with a swimming pool.

If you want to enjoy a variety of activities that will replace the monotony of work, people can stay on the choice of dance aerobics classes 1-2, 1 Pilates or yoga and fitness classes per week 1 power aerobics or gym.

However, excessive zeal in the form of daily exercise is harmful for the body because every new workout on the background of a strong balance of fatigue from the previous reinforces the stress produced by the body. Do not get involved excessive physical activity, hoping to lose weight quickly, or instantly buy beautiful shape. You run the risk of chronic fatigue that is not only able to drain you physically, but also impede the normal productive efficiency. This will certainly affect the work, and it becomes obvious to colleagues or management.

Remember, after the gym, you do not have to "crawl", you have to "fly", and only if classes will bring you joy and moral satisfaction and a feeling of comfort in your own body!

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