How to choose a trainer for home

How to choose a trainer for home
 Not always have the opportunity to use the fitness center or other gyms, but look slim and attractive wants every woman. There is a solution - buy a simulator for practicing at home. But how does it choose the right?  
 The first thing to consider when choosing - a simulator must be adjusted for small areas ordinary apartment, be of high quality and easy to use. Equally important is its price.
For sports in the home, there are two types of simulators: weights and cardiovascular equipment. If you want to improve the shape, get rid of excess fat, lose weight and tone up, for these purposes more suitable cardio. These include treadmills, orbitreki, exercise bikes.

Classes on a stationary bike is well loaded with the abdominal muscles and legs, help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, the development of endurance. For half an hour on a stationary bike, you can lose more than a thousand calories. Electronic monitor will show the result and change your bullets in the classroom. For classes on a stationary bike most importantly - regularity. You should always perform a task set before, not to interrupt the classes, but keep an eye on their health. It is better if you develop a personal trainer program to suit your physique and health. Upon termination of employment your results will come to naught.

Orbitrek is a versatile machine that combines movement bike, stepper and treadmill. This makes it possible to load the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and legs in general. Also provided strain on your arms, back and chest muscles. Such simulators are equipped with special screens on which you can set the desired program. There is also a special lever allows you to set the load depending on your stamina.

Treadmills are able to provide the load on the muscles of the legs, back and pectoral girdle. They come in mechanical and electrical. The first is much cheaper, but the track has to push yourself. In electric arranged a special program that allows you to choose the speed, angle and load. Keep in mind that people with problems in the spine must be careful in training on a treadmill. You should always consult your doctor. Now, some models are equipped with special pillows for cushioning that reduce harmful to the spine and joints drums.

For training on simulators require significant physical activity. Therefore, buying a trainer, do not try to load itself at once to complete the program, gradually increase the load better, listening to your body.

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