How to choose a snowboard Rostovka

How to choose a snowboard Rostovka
 When choosing a snowboard main parameter is the weight of the rider and riding style. If you have been in specialized stores, you probably noticed that the description of the most important characteristics of the board is invariably associated with the weight of an athlete and their training.
 Defined in the store with a selection of snowboard model, it is important to determine the correct Rostovka. Snowboard length can be defined in several ways: contact the store directly to a consultant, to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, or calculate the arithmetic method ... using popular ways. These methods for determining Rostovka equivalent. You can even use all the time. The main thing with this - to know some information relating to you personally.

Firstly, the selection of the length of the board depends on your gender. Secondly, you need to know your exact height in centimeters. The next feature - the weight. Best of all, if you consider it in street clothes. You should also know the personal experience of riding. There are newcomers, confidently skiing and skate well. Some parameters selection snowboard length depend on the style of riding. Total there are three basic styles - freeride, freestyle and wagon.

And So. Have you decided to consult the seller? That'S Perfect. Surely you advise a suitable Rostovka snowboard. Will only accept the authoritative opinion and make a purchase at the checkout.

If you select the length of the snowboard you have a desire to take into account the recommendations of the manufacturer, refer to a special directory in which you have a table. The calculation for this table is simple. The main thing - to take into account your weight or height for a particular model.

If you are going to do to calculate the appropriate Rostovka snowboard, then a calculator. First, subtract from its growth of 15 cm. If you have a massive physique, then add 5 cm. With a delicate physique, you must, on the contrary, subtract 5 cm.

Novice snowboarders must also subtract 10 cm. If the level of riding a little higher, then subtract 5 cm. Some are addicted to freestyle. Snowboard for this style must be 5 cm less than usual. If you closer freeride, feel free to add 5 cm.

And the last way - people. Take the favorite snowboard with both hands "waist", resting one end of the floor. Wherein the second end should be at the level of:

- Nose, if you cool snowboarder, having a little overweight.
- Chin, if you ride safely and sometimes even jump on any slopes.
- Dimples located between the collarbones, if you have enough experience, light weight and you like to ride on short slopes.

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