How to choose a snowboard

How to choose a snowboard
 The popularity of snowboarding is increasing every year and the first thing facing the future snowboarder - with a choice of boards. What is the board itself choose to not have been expensive - and you can quickly learn to ride? Fortunately, now a rich assortment of boards, so choose and learn.  
 In the opinion of experienced trainers, start to learn snowboarding better models with soft boards. Soft snowboards are simple and easy to manage, and very soon after the first lesson you should be able to make the first tentative jumps and stunts. They, however, are beyond the "sliced" twists and turns, but then you are not a professional, to comply with them. For easy bending snowboards (Easyflex) is characterized by a thin layer of wood under the sole and the "waist" in the central part. Such a model is considered ideal for beginners, it is easy to bend and operated even at high speed.

Snowboarding average flexibility (Midflex / MidflexCarbon) thicker layer of wood and is also seen narrowing to the center. Beginners can trust her at high speeds and open corners. If such a snowboard add a layer of triaxial carbon fiber, it will be suitable for freestyle. Absolutely perfect model of flexibility have Fulflex / FulflexCarbon. Even at high efforts board mobile, obedient slightest movement of the legs. In this model, combined the merits of flexible and rigid boards.

Snowboard stiffness is defined quite simply as an example of the two boards under the hard and soft mounting. Alternately, take a snowboard, Abut one end of the floor at an angle of 450 and a free hand abruptly click in the "waist" to the trough.

Hard snowboard you will have more resistance. To select a snowboard with optimum width for you, put your foot on the board and make sure it does not go beyond the board more than an inch - and a half.

Narrow boards easier "shifted" from edge to edge, and they are more appropriate for the style racing, carving and halfpipe. Broader model snowboard better suited for complex touchdowns and used mainly in the style of the halfpipe. But in any case, must comply with a wide snowboard foot large.

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