How to choose a racquet for tennis

How to choose a racquet for tennis
 Tennis - one of the most popular sports today. It is played by children and adolescents, and adults, and the elderly. Some go to court to escape from everyday life, the other - to enjoy your favorite game with your friends, and for the third game of tennis - the best way to maintain health in order. Whatever goal you will not be harassed, being engaged in this sport without a properly chosen racket you are unlikely to get something.
 If the game of tennis for you - it's just entertainment, and go to court, you are not more often than once a week, feel free to choose the usual amateur racket. Its length, is generally 69 cm and the area of ​​the string surface - 670 These rackets are able to reduce the stress on your joints while playing.

When choosing a racket pay attention to its weight. What it is, the stronger will be your hitting the ball. This may not be the best way affect the accuracy of hitting the ball in the court. If you're new to tennis, racket, choose a weight not exceeding 275 g

Choosing a racket, it focuses on its handle. It is believed that its thickness should be such that between the fingers and palm while grasp the handle was 1, 5-2 cm. Yet, try to choose the racket that you are comfortable to hold, without straining your wrist and fingers.

If you realize that tennis - it's part of your life, the choice of the racket more responsible approach. Remember that on the area of ​​the surface of the string and the string tension stiffness depends on the force of impact. In order to better control the flight of the ball, professional tennis racket is selected with an area not exceeding 645 square centimeters and a pretty tough stretch strings.

Tennis racket strings can be natural, made from live animals, or synthetic - from nylon fibers. Although more convenient to play the string are considered natural, synthetic, and have more excellent durability affordability.

If you decide to play tennis professionally, choose a racquet weighing more than 310 g This tool will not only increase the force of impact, but also strengthen your wrist.

Pay attention to the width of the rim, which affects the land area in the center of the surface of the racket string, which is best to hit the ball. Professional tennis players prefer rackets with rim width no more than two centimeters.

Buy good tennis racket can only specialized sports store.

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