How to choose a fitness program

How to choose a fitness program
 Most fitness clubs offer a range of different programs, among which it is difficult to sort out what you choose, what determines the choice of what the effect will be on each of them.  

To benefit, not harm your body in advance should consult a doctor, because many areas of fitness are contraindicated if you have certain chronic or acute disease.

Different areas have different fitness goals, so you need to decide what you would like from the visits of the club: to strengthen all the muscles or pump some muscles of the body to improve the stretch, lose weight. In addition, the selected program should be to your liking, you will be approached by temperament and lifestyle.

If you prefer active sports help to lose negative emotions requiring vigorous movements, you'll like, for example, tai-bo or fitboks. Yoga has both a strengthening effect on your muscles and relaxing effect on the psyche. When shaping the classroom as a result of preliminary tests and specially selected exercise is corrected figures in the desired direction.

Aerobics - kind of group exercise to music, this direction is useful for cardiovascular and respiratory system, promotes weight loss and result in the form of your figure. Aerobics is divided into many areas, such as pampas (this Drivetrain aerobics with a mini-bar), step aerobics (exercises using special platforms), aqua aerobics (exercise in water), slide (sliding on a special track), Callanetics (strengthening muscle and fat burning), and others.

Pilates exercise program covers without shock, which allows you to stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups. Pilates is almost no contraindications, because the risk of injury in this type of fitness is virtually nonexistent. Pilates is suitable even for pregnant women, as well as a good option for women after childbirth.

Very efficient use of the pool, playing in the water have both relaxing and relaxing effect and tone and strengthen muscles.

Whichever direction of fitness you choose, it should you like, because the pleasure of sports increases the effectiveness of training.

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