How to burn excess fat

How to burn excess fat
 Be slim, taut, elegant dream of every woman. Visiting fashion clothing stores will fulfill the desire to be elegant. But over the slim, toned figure will have to work extra. Extra inches around the waist and hips, not only do not paint a woman, they spoil the mood and bring a sense of discomfort.
 There is an opinion that is enough "go on a diet", and problems with excess folds resolve themselves. This path does not always lead to success, as the diet - is an unplanned stress to the body. Fats leave the body in the last instance, and before that stress hormones produced by the body - cortisol - deplete the muscles and tendons. As a result, the skin becomes loose and, worse, deteriorating general condition.

When a diet is important to remember what to include in the diet of foods containing unsaturated fats is necessary. They learn quickly and speed up metabolism. Such products include nuts, fish, various oils.

To get rid of fat, not necessarily to use fad diets. Balanced menu will help to make a nutritionist, and timely meal in small quantities you can organize yourself.

Particular attention should be paid to exercise. But even here there are many pitfalls. Firstly, the lessons should be considered and planned. Normal walking or gymnastics in the morning will strengthen your body, but to burn fat much use will not do.

Intensive training and strength training - that's the right way to the target. In this case, it is best to seek expert advice on fitness and sports medicine to help you create a personalized schedule of classes, based on your physique and health. Believe me, the best experts in this matter will not help anybody.

In recent years become popular so-called fat burners. They really help burn fat, but only for the duration of their use. Upon graduation fat safely "return" to their seats, even with a vengeance. The composition of fat burners includes a substance that helps reduce body fat and influence on the thyroid gland. The use of such burners may result in irreparable tragedy. In any case, before taking the drugs you need to consult a doctor. Not to take such means lactating and pregnant women, teenagers, people with high sensitivity to caffeine.

Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and active exercise - these are the ingredients that help keep yourself in shape, maintaining health and high spirits!

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