How do the splits

How do the splits
 Ability to sit on twine may be occupational requirement (for dancers, athletes, wrestlers) or simply the desire to reveal the ability of your body to emphasize its beauty and grace. Master twine can people of all ages - it all depends on the regularity of training and perseverance. However, persistence it should not cross the line - otherwise you risk damaging the ligaments.
 Do not try to do the splits in record time, or to overtake someone on the successes. One is given without difficulty, and the other will have to take several months. All exercises should be done slowly and smoothly, with a calm measured breathing. Only relaxed muscles can be stretched without damage. Observe the precautions. During training, use the mat to your feet do not slip on the floor. To do the splits faster, be engaged in the evening, in a warm room, better after a bath or a warm shower.

Before training workout make sure to disperse the blood and warm up your muscles. Run a little on the spot, do jumps, slopes, Mahi hands and other exercises, and then sit on the floor and vigorously rub hands leg muscles - all this will take about 20-30 minutes. Biking or walking too active would provide a good workout.

Proceed with stretching exercises. Here are just some of them. One of the simplest and most effective - kicks. Stand up, straighten your back and move your body weight on one leg. Second, try to pick up as high as possible without bending the knees. My legs alternately. Now bend one leg at the knee, put his hands on her body weight and drag. Second leg without bending, pull back. This position is necessary to hold as much as possible.

Sit on the floor, straighten your legs and back straight, try to reach out to the feet or hands, if it does not, to the shins. Freeze in this position for 20-30 seconds. Now, spread legs apart as far as possible, join hands, bend over and try to lie on the floor feeding. At first, it certainly will not work, so by reaching the maximum length Freeze so for a while - until the muscles do not relax. Then you can stretch a little more and then freeze. Do not forget to keep your back straight.

In this exercise, you can help partner: he must rely on his hands on your back and gently tilt you to the floor. The main thing - to stop if you begin to feel pain.

Good helper in stretching exercises are the books, the truth will not have to read anything. Fold not too thick stack of books in and sit down at her legs apart in hand, as if you wanted to do the splits. Do not bend your knees. Stack height should be such that your ligaments and muscles are relaxed, you have not experienced discomfort. Are in this position as long as possible (at least 10-15 minutes), and then, without getting up, remove one book. Then you have to wait for a time, so that the muscles become accustomed to the new position and fully relaxed. Only then can remove another book. If you feel pain, classes should continue the next day.

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