Housekeeping tip: general cleaning instead of fitness training!

Housekeeping tip: general cleaning instead of fitness training!
 What would this do to lose weight? Give up your favorite foods at once is very difficult, and a fitness club is sometimes not enough money or time. Need and meet the kids from school and cook dinner and clean the apartment until she again became a place of fighting between the children and a dog. Did you know that normal household chores can easily replace many of the exercises in the gym, and general cleaning is able to save you from two or three extra pounds?

Of course, here it is in motion. If you deal with them carefully, constantly mindful of the fact that such actions are beneficial to the body shape and well-being, you can turn a tedious as cleaning the apartment, in a pleasant procedure.

Start with a warm-up - collecting scattered around the apartment things. If some children's clothes or toys lying around on the floor, do some squats. Every thing - one sitting. And you can squat as a whole or just a low lean with your back straight - these alternate motion, it will help you strengthen the muscles of the legs and abdomen.

Wiping dust, drag in all sorts of angles and zakoulochki, stretching his hands forward and stretching the spine. Vacuuming is necessary, keep your back straight. Can thus focus on the legs, alternately bending the one and the other at the knee or just exposing forward.

A lot of calories to burn wash windows and doors. At the same time you are making active rotational movements with his hands, turn your head, almost all the way in both directions and, of course, twist back. Do not forget to breathe deeply and rhythmically, because, as we know, deep breathing helps to handle the load, as well as providing a healthy effect on the entire body. If you wash the windows, breathe, moreover, the fresh air.

Scientists have found that the load from the usual cleaning floors promotes weight loss on a few pounds in a month if do it regularly. Of course, because there are a set of exercises: squats, bending, stretching the spine and stretching arms and legs.

By the way, if you include the upbeat music and do all the boring chores for her, much easier to imagine yourself in the gym. Use your imagination - it is one of the most powerful tools in achieving the objectives. Imagine that instead of rags in your hands sports equipment and continue to move rhythmically to the music. You can even to dance: dance is also very helpful for weight loss, as well as to set the mood.

The wonderful thing - cleaning tiles in the bathroom. If you still do not understand how it can be useful and continue to hate this event, try the following. Align clean bathroom with body wraps. Take a shower or bath warming up to steam the skin, then apply honey on the body or a special mask and top Wrap with cling film to create a sauna effect. Now you're ready to clean tile hated. The advantages of this method is that the movements and exercise you accelerate the flow of blood to the skin, enhances its heat transfer and therefore all processes start to go much faster. The effect of wrap together with the cleaning will be three times higher. Besides, on the bathroom this time can be close, thereby increasing the temperature and humidity. And, with the door closed and you can not dress up, but it is much more convenient.

The most important thing - of course the mood! If you tune into it, to lose weight, to disperse the blood and pump up some muscle, any household chores will seem pleasant leisure and bring not only benefits, but also joy.

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