Gymnastics for the lazy

Gymnastics for the lazy
 Sooner or later, everyone decides for himself that from now on morning exercise, and a daily set of strength training (or any other) - it is the norm. However, these good intentions are not so easy to put into practice. No time, not now, here come back from a business trip, Monday it ... This is just a small part of those excuses, which invariably are barely comes the decision on physical education and sports. Meanwhile, there is a wonderful set of exercises for the lazy. So he called because it is performed in a sitting position (even at work) or lying (front of the TV, or after morning awakening).

Gymnastics for the lazy does not take much time to it does not have to be specially prepared, ie warm up, warm up the muscles, etc. At the same time, it is quite effective, and certainly in any case - it is better than nothing.
So, sitting at his workplace in the office (or even during a staff meeting), you can:
- Put your feet together, raise the toes without lifting your heels off the floor. Movement must be strong and moderately sharp, but not to the extent that a person reflects the results of these efforts. Do exercise 50 times, after a short rest repeat;
- In the same position to raise the heel, without lifting the toes off the floor. Repeatability is the same as that in the first exercise;
- Create a gluteal muscle strain - sharply tighten them, then relax. Repeat 25-30 times;
- Gently pull your belly, trying to maximize muscle strain - inhale. On the exhale, not just "let go" muscles, keep them in suspense for 3-5 seconds. Repeat 15 times;
- Slowly reduces and spreads blades. Chance of light crunch, it is a good indicator - your joints and muscles get a good workout. Repeat 30 times;
- Squeeze hands into fists and slowly unclenched them (if you do this exercise sitting in a meeting, try to boss could not see under the table your movements). Repeat 40-50 times;
- This exercise is not recommended while at the meeting, but in the workplace - as they want. Turn your head to the right / left, straining with the neck muscles. Perform 20 times, then tighten already chewing muscles and repeat 20 more times;
- The maximum pull the chin forward, straining the muscles of the neck and even the chest. This is a great exercise to help fight the second chin.
Now gymnastics for lazy in the supine position:
- Maximum zaprokinte head and arch your chest. Hold your breath. On the exhale, take the starting position. Perform 10 times;
- The movement of legs "bicycle". Follow for 1-2 minutes rest. Repeat again, alternating with rest;
- Inspiratory put your hands up and shake them for 30 seconds. Lower - exhale. Repeat 10-15 times. This exercise normalizes blood flow;
- Relying on the feet and top of the head, arch your whole body (exercise resembles the bridge). Fix the position for a few moments. Return to starting position. Repeat 10 times.
Exercises on the couch or in bed can be diversified in its sole discretion, showing imagination and imagination (for example, imagine a large cat). Knowing your problem areas (zhirok on hips, weak calves, etc.), it is possible to concentrate maximum effort on them.
Despite the apparent ease and even comical many exercises gymnastics for the lazy, they all give powerful enough stress on the body. As a result, strengthens muscles and joints, normal operation of the respiratory and circulatory systems, and even that is very important - the nervous system, because you do not overtax your nerves and not nasiluete your psyche, forcing himself to be dragged to the gym. The only thing that you have to pay attention if you want to achieve the maximum benefit from these exercises is to take care of a balanced diet and a walk in the fresh air.

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