Gym at home

Gym at home
 To go to the gym, it is usually necessary to adjust to the schedule of his work, expect when will be free not only himself, but also sports equipment with which wants to adjust its shape. But this problem, you will not be at all, if you arrange a home gym. In this case, you will not need to be ashamed and weaknesses of their appearance, because the process of your workouts will not see anybody. Will be visible only positive lessons.
 To decide how it will be a place for your sport, try to determine what you want. You need to lose weight? Remove fat deposits in certain places or to gain muscle mass? What kind of goal you have set for ourselves, it depends on what fitness equipment you will buy.

In addition, it is necessary to clearly imagine how much time you plan to devote to sports and whether you only use the equipment or support you and other family members. If trainers will often work, then you have to stay on more powerful models. Type and size of simulators also depends on what area to install them you have and how much money can allocate to purchase.

If possible, ask for help in choosing a simulator of a man who understands the different models and, of course, nothing ever purchase "by eye". Try each of you liked trainers in the business. Work out to them a few minutes and compare their experiences.

Popular bikes. They are relatively inexpensive and does not take up too much space in the apartment. Models developed much, and on exercise bikes can be engaged as a perfectly healthy people, and those who suffer from these or other diseases. For example, for people with a weak spine and varicose veins, there are horizontal bikes.

Another popular among consumers simulator - a treadmill. It can be both mechanical and running on electricity. More serious model tracks feature training programs (running up the hill and down the hill, across the plain or rough terrain, etc.). If you decide to put such a track, make sure that it is large enough in width and length. So you will feel more comfortable. Although, of course, it will have to allocate more space in the apartment.

Among the wide variety of exercise equipment you can find mini-steppers that simulate climbing stairs. There are very simple models that allow easy steps and assume the load, and there are those in which the degree of load is regulated, calculate time, pulse, calories that you burn, etc.

But to build his body, according to experienced instructors in sport, these simulators are not enough. You must also deal with dumbbells and barbells, it is also desirable to have a horizontal bench with adjustable angle. And if space permits in the room, it would be nice to set the horizontal bar, parallel bars and wall bars.

In the same case, if you have just decided to give serious attention to her figure and yet do not have the opportunity to buy and install sophisticated equipment, you should not lose heart. Gym can be arranged without it. For the first time, you will need cast dumbbells of different weights to pump up muscles of the arms, and weighting for the feet. Waist and hips can be improved by doing the hoop. Do not forget about the rope and ordinary ball. Next, you need a narrow bench with elastic upholstery, horizontal bar and mat. After that, you have to search the Internet for instructional video with a set of exercises for different muscle groups and begin to engage in when and how you want.

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