Fitness or sex: combine business with pleasure

Fitness or sex: combine business with pleasure
 In recent years, a lot has been written about combining fitness and sex. These women are against it. What can there be romance in an intimate relationship side, if the head is occupied by thoughts that a few weeks of such rough sex in the nth position - and belly (legs, arms, chest) acquire, finally, the desired volume and nice shape? But it may be a combination of fitness and sex can help to achieve the desired result?

The combination of - yes, but not overlapping. Beds joy yet most people associate with rest and relaxation, rather than the complex exercise. Even if you love the game take place on the roof at night upside down.

But joking aside, and lovemaking, and athletic loads are utilized almost the same muscle groups. Only in the gym is subordinated to a certain rate and rhythm, and sex can be practiced without an experienced instructor. Rhythm partners choose for yourself, and the course of love exercise does not necessarily imply sex on schedule three times a week and a half hours after a meal.

Hormonal component of the process in the gym may be no less important than during intercourse. All the more so during sexual arousal, and when training is released the same hormones: oxytocin, dehydroepiandrosterone and testosterone (in men). Oxytocin stimulates the muscular system, but its effect on the men and women of several different: sex helps a woman get rid of stress, tension, improves muscle tone, and they can run right out of bed in the gym or at least get to the kitchen to warm favorite soup .

We loved meanwhile, comes complete relaxation, and even the smell of borscht not always longed lifts it off the bed. And the thing is that in addition to the hormone oxytocin occurs and the release of testosterone in the blood, which is responsible for physical endurance and strength. That's why coaches in professional sport forbid his players to get involved in sex before the competition, but only to men, not women.

Despite the fact that during sex can burn up to 100 calories, deal with it in order to lose weight - not an easy job. After all, in order to obtain tangible results, should be for a long time to spend on sex for several hours a day, and this process should take place in crescendo and in different positions.

There just needs proper fitness, which will not only help to cope with excess weight, but also improve the quality of sex. Women in the course of training to prepare such a sweet pastime necessary muscle groups, and men, unless they are round the clock roll "iron" to exhaustion, become more sexually attractive and hardy.

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