Fitness on a steel pole

Fitness on a steel pole
 Fitness on a steel pole - a new direction in modern sport, based on the work of the sixth steel - pylon. It is a beautiful combination of elements of erotic dance and gymnastics aimed at strengthening many muscle groups.

Gender-dance considerably strengthens the muscles of the whole body - try to keep your body on a pole, without straining! Extra weight and body fat evaporate in the first months of training. On zyanyatiyah you will not be bored by repetitive exercises because dance on a pole - is, first and foremost, a variety of movements.

Like any kind of fitness, exercise dance on the pole begins with warm-up and stretching exercises. What follows is the main part, during kotoroyj you will learn the basic elements of pole dance. The first lesson you will learn chuvustvovat pole and work with her weight. After that you will teach the art of rotation pole, and then you can begin to complex elements with twine. Subsequently, you will dance floor-dance to the music and erotic costumes.

If you have planned to seriously engage in this kind of fitness, an important issue for you satnet selection of shoes. Apparently, the coach with the first classes will insist that you are trained in high heel shoes. There are special shoes for the dance floor, without giving more stress on the ankle and having sole, standing firmly on the floor. Alternatively, you can first train barefoot.

From clothes to be stopped short selection of top and tight shorts. It is important that the arms, legs and abdomen were exposed, and do not slip through the pylon. Coaches also recommend to engage in special fingerless gloves - they protect your hands from the appearance of blisters.

Fitness on the pylon add to your confidence, because it is very sexy - own technique with the sixth. Everything else, learn how to dance on a steel pole can be absolutely any girl - any special skills have not necessarily. The main thing - your desire!

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