Fitness for household chores

Fitness for household chores
 The modern woman all day, usually painted by the minute. Work, meeting with friends, shopping, child care, and numerous household chores: for fitness do not have time. Occasional visits to the gym will have no effect, because the training is important to regularly. Therefore, a simple and effective exercises to perform better, not looking up from household chores.

If you have absolutely no time for fitness club or even a full workout at home, experience is not necessary. Simple and effective exercises can be performed in parallel with the household chores. These classes do not require special equipment and excellent optimize your time. The main key to success - regular workouts. Make it a habit to perform a variety of exercises each time doing homework. Your body will be transformed by the day, and you do not spend it any extra time or money.

Wear comfortable and light clothes that fit and for homework, and exercises. Inventory you'll need a very simple, but no less effective: two plastic water bottles, a chair and a mop.

Plan your household chores, taking into account the upcoming exercises. In the kitchen, along with cooking dinner, do exercises for the arms and thighs. Take water bottles and use them as dumbbells doing exercises for the muscles of the hands. Raise your arms forward to shoulder level, taking them back, triceps training, doing 15-20 repetitions and 1-2- approach. At this time on the stove can boil soup, fry the next pancake or whipped mashed potatoes in a food processor.

With a bottle in his hands make a series of attacks back and forth, bending the supporting leg at a right angle.

Wiping the dust from the top shelves, drive interchangeably on toes and heels: so you will be able to train calves and calf muscles. Pause at any chair, forcing a wall. Turn your back on him, lean on a chair with his hands and do 15-20 pushups, bending your elbows: a great exercise strengthens the triceps.

Pick up a mop, but not to use it to wash the floor. Wet cleaning is best done hands, crouching while washing the floor, which will help to spend the extra calories. A mop put on his shoulders, and, holding her hands, make 10-15 tilt toward direct body, and then - rotate the torso to the right and to the left. This exercise will help to find a thin waist.

While sewing and other sedentary homework squeeze in turn buttocks and detain them in this position for a few seconds. This will help you strengthen the muscles of the back of the thigh.

All the household chores perform rhythmic music, dancing and constantly straining abdominal muscles. Good mood and lack of fatigue is guaranteed!

As a reward for their double duty in the evening take a warm bath with fragrant oil: hot water relieve tension and relax the muscles to work well.

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