Fitness driving: slim figure "in traffic"

Fitness driving: slim figure "in traffic"
 If you no longer spend half a day behind the wheel of the car, it's time to think about gymnastics. There is no time? Begin cause the muscles in order sitting in your own car during the "plug".
 Before you start to perform basic exercises, good stretch. Feel the stretch all your muscles. Then sit straight, straighten your back. Take a deep breath in deeply and slowly exhale all the air. Repeat two more times. Do not make a sharp intake of breath, or you can dizzy. Breathe through your nose. This exercise not only helps to calm down, but also trains the lungs, reduces stress on the heart, stimulates blood circulation.

Start gymnastics with tilted head. Do not make a circular rotation, and slowly lower your head first back, then forward, then right and left. Do the exercise slowly, as if stretching the muscles of the neck. Repeat 3-4 times the slopes, turn your head to the left and right by 5-6 times. Tilt the head on the seat and make a gentle massage of the head with fingers. Then try as much as possible to pull up, as if you want something better look.

Catlike arch your back, sticking out his chest forward and shoulders squared. Then lower your shoulders forward and bend your back in a semicircle, as if the body portray the letter "C". Do this exercise at least 15 times. Bend your elbows and make a turn to the left and right body at least 20 times in each direction. As many times do the body tilts left and right as low as allows you to space.

On the inhale pull your belly straining abdominal muscles. On the exhale sharply relax. By doing this exercise, watch posture - back straight. Retractable and relax your abdominal muscles about 30 times. Then do the exercise for the buttocks. Tense and relax them sharply in the sitting position at least 30 times.

If you have a book in the car, a width of 5 cm and secure it between your knees. Leg muscles at the same time must be stretched. Perform each exercise for as long as you feel a slight fatigue. Put the book down, tear off the socks off the floor and forcefully rest against your heels on the floor, straining glutes and calves. Sit for a few seconds and relax.

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