Fitness: "checked Hollywood"

Fitness: "checked Hollywood"
 Fitness is not only a way to maintain the physical form of man, but is effective enough to create a sexy figure and attractive appearance.

Each Hollywood beauties have individual system, which allowed them to achieve such beauty and harmony. For example, J-Lo uses a system of Gunnar Peterson, who advises to put maximum effort during exercise in the gym, to strive to raise the bar of achievements in training. He also recommends not pace yourself rigid diet, sometimes allowing to use your favorite muffin or a piece of cake. Constant weighing more than he believes occupation, since overweight creates a negative attitude towards themselves and training in general. It is also necessary to get enough sleep to get the desired result.

Christina Aguilera is engaged by the method of Tracy Anderson, who transformed her body and gave a fresh image. Basic Tips Tracy is necessary to change the exercises in a week, frequent sessions (4-6 times a week), fast-paced exercises during a training session, facilitated by the rhythmic accompaniment of music.

Many stars use elements of Pilates, yoga, aerobics, dancing in a complex with fitness, which not only improve the appearance of the figure, but also a positive impact on the state of the spine and other body systems. One of the most popular forms of dance to maintain physical fitness is kardiostriptiz. Of course, this is not common in the dance pole, followed by strip. It includes a beautiful movement, which is easy enough to attract the attention of others. A variation is a strip of plastic, which is used by Carmen Electra.

Thus, each person individually chooses the optimal type of fitness to enjoy the process of training, and not exhaust yourself trips to the gym. Every body reacts differently to certain exercises.

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