Fitness - a weapon against aging

 For fitness enthusiasts there is good news: the longer and more regularly you do it, the more healthy body you will have in retirement. And, therefore, be less dependent on others and more people rely on themselves in their daily lives, whether farming or just basic care for themselves.  

But the problem is that with age, people tend to throw sports, believing that it becomes tedious for them.

According to the US National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood in Maryland, people reaching 70 years of age and over, cease to exercise at 4 times more often than thirty women and men. This can be explained by natural causes of aging, which in fact is no longer a secret.

Scientists believe that the most important thing at this age is not throwing sports, and just bring them to the optimal load. The ideal solution - walking. And if some citizens only honorable age "ripe" and came to the conclusion about the benefits of an active lifestyle, before you begin to implement it, it is advisable to consult a doctor for advice.

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