Eat, Train thinner!

Eat, Train thinner!
 Overweight and depression on this basis - that is, perhaps, the most common problem of this century. How many personal dramas, partings, insults and sexual dissatisfaction is directly related to the presence of unwanted body fat! Our society is now so arranged that it is necessary to stay in shape. So, to paraphrase the title of a loved by millions of women over thirty film "Eat, Train thinner! »

If you happen to run into the problem of excess weight, it is important to recognize the presence of you. Too many it much easier to imagine future life, if during realized that we needed something to radically change his life in order to slow down the process a set of extra pounds and inches, and then leave them. So, if looking at yourself, you realize that your figure is not satisfactory, the first step has been taken. Many openly fat women love themselves for who they are and no discomfort about it do not. If this is not posturing, and the inner self-esteem, it's all right. But if it is a way of self-defense, and inside his body fat a person feels bad and uncomfortable, then it is a false path. We must honestly say to yourself: "I'm fat, I'm unattractive, I may have problems with health and personal life, if I have not changed" and plan of action.

The most effective method of losing weight - a combination of exercise and diet. No cures are no substitute for this is quite natural mechanism: it is necessary to spend more calories than you consume. Next you need to determine the number of pounds that you think is necessary to leave. If the number exceeds ten, this is best done under the supervision of a dietitian. And pre necessarily be examined by a sensible endocrinologist. The presence of excess body fat may be directly related to the failure of hormonal levels in connection with any disease or oral contraceptives. Then alone will be difficult to handle. Be sure to need medical care.

If hormonal problems you do not, feel free to sign up for a fitness center. Now fitness became available and I feel sorry that you do not have the money for it, absolutely not consistent. You can find quite economical variant of the sports club. You can even start doing the exercises at home (if you have, say, a young mother). Now there are special channels and disks, and books. Most importantly, in the first stage, to enter exercise into your lifestyle, build them, turn into the same need as the need for food or sleep. And it does not wait for quick results. First, in addition to fatigue, irritation and discomfort in the muscles you feel nothing at all will not. It's OK. It is important to go through this stage. If two weeks training you will increase your appetite, you know you're on the right track.

Now is the time to change your diet. First remove the calorie meal after six in the evening. Salads - yes. Vegetable soups - please. Steamed fish, fruits, buckwheat, dairy. All this is allowed. Even the evening barbecues are allowed (including the holiday season began). Just do them no pork, and beef or veal. And then do not drink tea with cakes or sweets. Replace better glass of dry red wine or mineral water.

The next step - continuing training, change at least one more flavor their habit. Reduce the amount of sugar and salt. This is important. If your household does not agree, prepare yourself apart. In general, it is normal - in the process of weight loss have a table that is different from what your children eat and husband. Your limitations are necessary for you. Because accustom themselves. But gradually.

Ideally, you should come to a separate feed. That is, if you eat pasta, it is not the meat, and pour the tomato sauce. If you eat meat, then garnish eat steamed vegetables (very comfortable), or simply a fresh vegetable salad. And so on.

Classes also need to complicate. Pass more kilometers, to increase the weight, the number of approaches that combine different types of loads. Be sure your sports menu should be strength training. They train your muscles that form the muscular system and eventually make your body beautiful, strong and fit. If you have a chance, hire a professional trainer. Private lessons - this is the quickest and surest way to improve your appearance. Professional make for you an individual set of exercises based on your height, weight, medical history, and lifestyle. You will be able to train on a convenient schedule. A sense of responsibility, the teacher once again hold your hand when she pulled a piece of cake, and take you off the couch whenever you want to skip the workout.

Most importantly - wish to become beautiful and healthy. And the result will be necessary.

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