Dangers of fitness

Dangers of fitness
 The modern world is filled with universal conviction: a healthy lifestyle and sports - that without which life is unthinkable in the XXI century. But the physical load for an untrained person may be dangerous. About what you need to remember that sports activities have gone for good, and does not harm the body?
 If you are middle-aged and older, start sports need a medical examination. The state of the cardiovascular system and joints, pressure and the presence of chronic diseases will determine the level of permissible load. For example, in diseases of the spine, many kinds of fitness are contraindicated, and exercise should be individualized, taking into account the recommendations of the doctor. For cancer, sudden pressure drops, scoliosis, bone tuberculosis fitness will bring only harm rather than benefit.

The most common on the sports 'arena', even if it's just a gym, there are sprains and tears of ligaments, sprains. And a chance to get such damage has both novice and experienced trainee. By the way, if your already have a history of fractures, the program of your physical activity should be strictly balanced so as not to cause damage to the bone again.

After forty need to be wary of the power load. Bones at this age is not so flexible as a young man, erased ligaments and joints. Therefore show "records" with the bar or other weighting is not necessary. The main thing - a systematic approach and a reasonable workload.

For women, the special attention should be their breasts, which during any Exercise jumps. This leads to its premature sagging. Even an ordinary bra much reduces vibrations chest during sports training. Correctly selected the same sports bra is almost completely eliminates the negative effects of sport for female breast.

Starting a new life on Monday and gathered to the fitness center, make sure that this new life has been a long and painless. Sportswear, implementation of the recommendations of physicians, a sensible approach to physical activity can help you avoid the dangers on the sports track.

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