Club connoisseurs or settle in the fitness center

 Experts women's magazine JustLady help beginners get in the health club and decide that bring results, and that it may be practically necessary in such a complex case as self-improvement.

Which club cards are?

The choice is practically unlimited: you can buy a subscription for one year, six months, three months, or even just for a month - to try. There are maps with unlimited time visit, the morning - you can engage until 16:00 - and the weekend; individual, family and corporate - to them you can expect if it leads to an at least another four friends (the more people, the cheaper will be released).

In most clubs you can "freeze" the subscription for a period of 45 to 90 days - for example, during vacation. The card usually includes the use of all the facilities of the club, swimming pool, sauna, group training, trial lesson with an instructor, often - Consultation sports doctor or a fitness test.

Why start a personal trainer and expensive if it cost?

According to the opinion poll, 30% of Russians involved in sports use the services of a personal trainer. "Five lessons (700-1200 rubles. Each) enough to feel confident in the club, get comfortable in the gym, work out technique exercises and get advice on nutrition.

Then the coach can be seen once a month to adjust the training program, - explains Alexander Mitin, a fitness studio personal training manager of the club "Planet Fitness". - In addition, individual training discipline. "

I like to just run. Is it worth it to spend money on a sports club?

Treadmill fitness club will help you pinpoint the distance, running speed, and calories burned. Plus you can change the angle of the track, simulating cross-country running, or to arrange a interval training, periodically changing the speed.

And if you pick up a dumbbell, then increase the calories and build muscle arms and back. Worth a try, and other cardio - you'll love the bike and elliptical trainer: he uses large muscle groups and reduces impact on your joints and spine.

How to get on the simulator, which is always busy?

First of allTry to avoid "rush hour". If this does not work, try the approach at a time when use the machine will stop to rest. But do not forget to release the trainer between sets.

SecondlyNearly always the same exercise can be replaced - by another simulator or no. "Swing the press is not a special bench, and on the floor, or - even better! - On the big ball, fitball. Press on the chest on the simulator can be replaced by push-ups or zhimom dumbbells lying on his chest "- advises Alexander Mitin.

How often should I do?

Optimal mode classes - 2-3 times a week. "But with a mandatory break between them at least 48 hours", - says Alexander Mitin. That's how much time is needed for protein digestion muscles - their construction material. How not to look like a fool, learning simulators?

Get induction training - most clubs it's free. You tell in detail and show you how to use fitness equipment and what muscles while working. Maria Maltsev, instructor of group programs of the club "FizKult", says: "In order not to hurt yourself, consult a physician club. It will determine your level of fitness, will tell you what exercises are contraindicated, and will help to develop an individual program. "

I am pregnant. Can I go to the club?

Can and should be. The best time to start training - the second trimester. Warn your coach that you are pregnant, do not swing the press and eliminate any possibility of injury. Will help to maintain the shape of yoga and Pilates - exercise their static, focused primarily on stretching and proper breathing. Another very good for swimming and water aerobics pregnant. Many clubs even offer special programs for expectant mothers.

In the gym or at home?

Fund "Public Opinion" survey of 1,500 Russians and found that 40% of them prefer to go to the gym because there:

 * Large selection of trainers (14%),
 * You can seek the advice of instructors (8%),
 * Stricter discipline - if we bought a ticket, you have to deal with (3%),
 * There is an atmosphere of excitement and competition (3%),
 * You can talk to people (3%).

But 31% of respondents prefer to study at home or on the playground because:

 * Gym they can not afford (5%),
 * There is no time to be visited (5%),
 * Prefer outdoor activities (5%),
 * No club close to home (2%),
 * Embarrassed to play sports in public (2%),
 * Love football and skiing (1%).

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