Cardio striptease

 Classic striptease - is the art of seducing. Modern cardio - striptease to make a real fitness. Not only do you tighten the muscles, you become a true seductress!  

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That can give you a cardio striptease?
1) Slim toned body
With this workout really can not only significantly lose weight, but also to put in order the major muscle groups. Calories burned roughly the same as when running average intensity, that is, about 400-500 calories. per hour. One "but" - there is no place to repetitive movements and monotony!

2) Improve your inner well-being
Classes striptizom- your first step on the path to liberation, the realization of its attractiveness and uniqueness.

3) The ideal posture
After two months of training, you will be able to boast of "royal carriage", even if it had never lacked.

4) Increase the flexibility of the whole body
Stretching - the basis of fitness, health and security of the successful construction of your body. The lack of stretching exercises will sooner or later lead to a lack of ability to make free movement in any direction, and accordingly, to injury. No time or money to go to special classes for stretching? Then select kardiostriptiz. During the classes will use different types of extensions: dynamic, static and combined.

5) Increase endurance and overall body tone
Any exercise, including cardio striptease, contributes to the overall stamina. This does not mean that you have to deal with on a daily basis. Do not overload your body in this way, as this will adversely affect your health and figure. Remember, endurance increased gradually, so it is to maintain an adequate ratio between training and rest, otherwise you will suffer a fitness ailment as "overtraining."

6) Improve the sexual life
Cardio - striptease will help you get rid of complexes of different constraints that prevent family and sexual life. Will he do it better and faster than any psychologist.

The program is designed for a broad audience, but primarily women who want to be "on high". In the schedule of fitness clubs can meet a variety of names such courses: striptease dance, Strip Dance, Cardio Striptease, Lady Marmelade, strip of plastic, etc.

Do not be afraid! "By - really" no one here to undress. Coach often uses a variety of tools: neck and thigh scarves, hats or even a cane. This not only makes a variety of training, but also helps, time after time, to create new images. Oddly enough, in fitness centers cardio striptease taught, mostly men. Initially, it is shocking female contingent, but after the first few sessions of restraint does not remain a trace.

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