Beauty formula from Catherine Serebryanskaya

 From sports, we often set ourselves certain goals and objectives. However, things do not always turn out as we intended. What way? And why are some excellent results, while others are in place? Formula of beauty and postulates keep in shape is divided famous gymnast Yekaterina Serebryanska

Postulate 1

To change its shape, you must first set a goal. But it is necessary to formulate the goal is not divorced from reality. Say you saw in a magazine photo of Cindy Crawford and want to figure the same as hers.
And set a goal - to become as Crawford.

The goal is formulated incorrectly: if you are by nature no inclinations model figure, you will not become a model, no matter how hard you try. The real goal may be to reduce the problem of the thigh 2 cm, and a hand to increase by 1, 5 cm or lose 5 pounds in two months.

Postulate 2

Following the purpose you plan to paint, to be used for purpose. It is better to paint in a notebook, it will be another good incentive.

Postulate 3

Please be patient. Of course, you can sit on a rigid diet and lose 5 pounds in a week, but it will not be the form that you need - with good muscle relief, with a good tone. You will lose weight, but they will get along with poor health and sagging skin. So you need patience and hard training.

Postulate 4

You need to choose a program in which you are engaged. For example, you choose jogging in the morning (three times a week for an hour in the morning and three times in the evening) or a different plan: swimming twice a week and two aerobics or swimming once and aerobics three times. If you like to dance, you can choose to dance aerobics and oriental dance.

Postulate 5

You need to select the club and find a coach that he painted you with the correct program. Always make sure that the professional trainer. Do not go into the first room, the existence of which you have learned by reading ads on the pole.

There are trainers who dance well, but do not know anatomy, biomechanics, human biochemistry. Such experts can not advise you properly, but can be great harm to your health.

Postulate 6

A good coach before you paint program wants to keep track of your power system. During the week, you write on the clock all eat. Takes into account all the way down to the little candy.

Trainer on special tables inciting calories, and - horror of horrors! - It turns out you're a day consumed 3 - 4,000 calories - bodybuilder diet that works for mass. It turns out that you are working on a lot of fat and you need to reconsider its power supply system. This will help you or the trainer or nutritionist.

The power supply system is selected depending on your preferences. If you are used to drinking coffee in the morning, a specialist in the list will leave, because to be honest, you will still drink it. But for some items you will have great uzhatsya and control all that you pull in the mouth.

Postulate 7

You must determine the number of people who will monitor your weight loss process. This, of course, the coach, and besides him, your close friends, husband, parents. They must all be at the same time with your goal, celebrate change your figure and stop you when you want to break postulate associated with diet. Control by very important.

Postulate 8

The use of additional tools that are used for correction. This can be a massage, hydro massage, body wraps, pool, wrap, anti-cellulite cream, if you want to change the composition of the skin.

Postulate 9

In achieving the goal should be a means to promote, what reward you for your trouble. It can be and jeans in the store in which you still could not climb, or a new car, which you have promised to donate a survivor of five pounds. In the latter case, you will surely lose weight early.

Postulate 10

Starting a campaign to target, you have to give up bad habits, and try to do it once and for all. By addictions include all enjoyed, but is reflected in the figure, for example, eating chips, drinking beer and energy drinks, etc.

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