Argentine tango dance tango, tango lessons

 What do you imagine when you hear about the tango? Hot evening in Buenos Aires, the intensity of emotions, sense of touch, the rustle of bright dresses? Hard to believe, but the dance, became a symbol of passionate relationship of man and woman, was initially a purely masculine. And this is not the only secret that keeps this wonderful dance. Today women's magazine JustLady invites you to plunge into the fascinating world of Argentine tango.

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About how there wasArgentine Tango, There is no consensus so far. Probably his appearance - the result of mixing dance music of different cultures. In the middle of the 19th century, Argentina experienced a huge influx of immigrants from Africa and Europe. Spaniards, Italians, British, Germans, Poles, Africans - all of them, coming to work in the Argentine city, brought their national traditions. From a mixture of folk music and movements and there was what is called the Argentine tango.

There is a legend that the firsttango dancing men - singly or together. Going on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, the residents of emigrant quarters tried to take some time, waiting for their turn in brothels. Choreographic pattern tango that period something reminded duel, where men fought for the favor of the ladies. There were times when the final one of the dancers dance of passion inflicted stab another, which led to the death of the participant.

Once in 1919, "home visits" were bannedArgentine Tango came out of the closet. It was heard in the city's cafes, cabarets and theaters. Gradually gained access to the dance and women. From the lower strata of culturedance tango turns into a whole aesthetic phenomenon and acquires patina of nobility. His dancing in the aristocratic salons - both Argentina and Europe.

Argentine tango dance tango, tango lessons

The name "Tango" is likely derived from the Spanish verb «tanguere» - touch. According to another version, the name - derived from "Tambo" - an African drum. Tango dancers called "tanguero" and "Tanguera" (male and female, respectively), in the plural - "tangueros".

Argentine TangoAs salsa - a social dance. After examining his basic movements, learn to listen to the music, feel the melody and rhythm, you will be able to combine elements and create a unique picture of the dance. Only you! It is thisArgentine Tango different from ballroom tango, where the sequence of movements strictly memorize partners. This also explains the popularity and the incredibleArgentine Tango even outside of his homeland. Tango - it's not just a dance, it is the whole history of relations between men and women. No wonder one of the famous Argentine tango teachers described him as "a three-minute love story." A famous writer Jorge Luis Borges who said: "Tango gives two people the feeling that they - together."

Argentine tango dance tango, tango lessons

In Russia, Argentine tango came in the early two thousandth in the wake of the popularity of social dancing. At The Momenttango lessons can be found in many dance studios.Learn to tango under the force of each, regardless of whether you are doing before dancing or not. You can learn individually with a teacher, you can - in the group. At the initial stage in thetango lessons teach the principles of leading and following, simple steps and turns, and, most importantly, the ability to listen to music. To master the basis of Argentine tango, you will need 3-4 months. And then you can improve the skill as much as you want. Every year in many Russian cities held a variety of tango festivals, where people come to the dancers and teachers from different countries. For tangeros - a chance to get to know each other as well as to visit the lessons of world-class masters.

Tangeros regularly going to a party where the music of tango. Such parties are called milongas. The milongas there is a special dance etiquette. For example, an invitation to dance at such events usually occurs through sight. A man looks at the girl, and her direct look back and easy nod means consent withdrawn - the refusal. Songs are in blocks of 3-4 songs after - a slight pause. Interrupt dancing until the end of the block (after the first or second song) is not accepted. Also not accepted after the dance to say "thank you" - this means that you want to stop dancing and go. But thank dance partner at the end of the block is possible and even necessary.

Tango lessons - Not only exercise for the soul and the opportunity to meet interesting people. As with any dance classes, they have a beneficial effect on the figure. Of course, it is impossible to compare the loadArgentine tango lessons with training in the gym. It is unlikely that they will be able to significantly help to build muscle or get rid of extra pounds. ButArgentine Tango benefit posture will help tighten the waist, improve flexibility. Important - tango lessons are suitable even for those who are contraindicated serious load. Tango - the measured pair of dancing, so it is popular not only among young people, but also for older people.

But, of course, the main valueArgentine Tango not in use for a figure, and his philosophy. Mastering the art of tango - the development of the ability to understand people without words. The basic principle of Argentine tango - "a man leads a woman should be." For modern women, who in their daily lives have to be strong, tango - a kind of return to the traditional relationship as a couple. During the dance, they do not need to make decisions, you just surrender to the will of the partner. Thanks to tango man has the ability to feel like a real leader and a woman - fragile and feminine.

Elena Yarkova
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